I’ve won and managed major accounts in media, started, run or sold several successful businesses, and raised millions of pounds of finance. Through this I’ve learned that whatever tactics, strategies, skills and qualifications you have –  it’s only people that build success.

‘No man is an island’,

said the famous renaissance poet John Donne in 1624. This quote is still as relevant today as it was nearly 400 years ago.

I want you to be the most powerful version of yourself, and this is why I developed the Triple C Method to build your personal brand. This starts with becoming a leader of the person that matters most of all – you. It then progresses to you becoming an effective communicator and leader of others. After this you’re ready for the final part: taking your message to tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of your ideal people, and them stepping up to listen. I can help you build great relationships with others who offer you the value you need. Establish high level habits of personal leadership, and practise powerful communication strategies. 

Find the right business partners, investors and clients. Achieve more sales and repeat business. Transform or end relationships that no longer serve you. Leverage the talents of others, and deal with ‘difficult’ people in a way that leaves you feeling great about yourself. 

Offering lifelong experience of many challenging as well as rewarding business and personal relationships, I can help you to achieve peace around all of your choices in life.

I am so looking forward to sharing my insights and expertise with you. Book a 30 minute clarity call here to see how I can help you.