I’m the Founder of The Smart Connector, which helps entrepreneurs step into their power, build a strong personal brand and become the leader their ideal clients, partners or investors love. I work with start-ups, early-stage entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and those in corporate roles, who are looking to transition into profitable, full time entrepreneurship.

My courses and mentorship programmes helps entrepreneurs build their authentic vision and message, and create high impact brands, that resonate with the deepest needs and desires of their ideal people. My system for achieving this is the Triple C Method (Connect, Create, Convert)

Previous to this: I grew a corporate identity company from £1m to £6m within a year, quadrupled profits and sold to US communications group Interpublic. For 15 years beforehand, I managed multi million pound marketing and advertising accounts for global media companies. So I really understand what it takes to build and monetise a profitable business and brand.

If you’re a small business owner, in a partnership, or in a corporate role – with a ‘side hustle’ you want to grow, why not book a 30 minute clarity call here?

I founded the LoveTheMojo entrepreneurial mindset event and the  Pocket MBA Business Scale Up Event in London. I’m a podcast host and published author whose book ‘The Smart Connector‘ became a  best seller on both sides of the Atlantic in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business category.

I’m also a property consultant, helping investors find sourced or fully hands free opportunities in the best performing investment hotspots of the UK. Check out my property website here.

I wish you every success and happiness on your journey.



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The Smart Connector book

Jane's book, 'The Smart Connector' - about entrepreneurial connection success - is an Amazon best seller both here in the UK and in the US, in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Category.


Tapping Into The Gold Standard For Connecting To Smart Way

"Want to learn how connecting smartly builds your influence, wealth and success? Wish you understood better how the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life? Then this is a book for you. Jane is a smart businesswomen with years of experience and wisdom and tips to help you perform at the top of your game." - Karen Stanbridge


A Great Business Reference Manual

"This 'manual' has it all in one place and that the order in which it is presented has been carefully considered. Each chapter is a module in itself and although interconnected can be read in isolation to appreciate it's unique meaning. The chapters resonate with my own experiences, and I shall be re-reading this book. A delight to read, and a reminder that we are primarily a social species." - Andy Phillips


An Excellent Book

"The style of writing is honest, open and clear and it's a great read. The content is really informative and draws on the author's years of experience in business. I felt so inspired reading it, with a renewed awareness of just how important connecting in the right way with the right people really is. You'll definitely find something in here that will make you so pleased you purchased it. Highly recommended!" - Tim Payne


Loved this book, great insights around becoming a Smart Connector!

"Loved this book! Jane Bayler is an incredible writer offering simple, straight forward advice for connecting more powerfully with others. As Bayler describes, the quality our connections determines the quality of our lives. I couldn't agree more and highly recommend this book if you are looking to grow yourself, your influence and your life." - Travis Greenlee


Calling all entrepreneurs, this book is for you!

"I really enjoyed this book as it was easy to digest and had a great flow. This is the go to book for entrepreneurs who wish to progress their business and enrich their personal lives. Jane focuses on the importance of growth, adapting to an ever changing world and understanding the core values of business. Grab yourself a copy today! - Amy Rowlinson


The Smart Connector Will Improve Your Business!

"I loved this book. Jane's insight into the power of relationships will improve your business and your life. The section on developing win-win partnerships was particularly useful and I've already begun implementing some of the strategies suggested with great results." - Stephanie Taylor

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