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Would you like to attract limitless numbers of your IDEAL clients, investors or business partners, without having to lower your prices, or chase people who don’t value your worth?

Like airline passengers in emergencies, who need to put THEIR oxygen mask on before they help others, service based business owners, coaches and consultants need predictable, scaleable revenues – before they can serve others with passion and purpose.

As an entrepreneur, investor and brand and digital marketer, who has scaled multiple businesses, including a London brand identity business that I grew from £1m to £6m in just over a year, quadrupling profits and selling to US communications group Interpublic, my greatest passion is helping others scale their businesses and achieve growth and freedom in their lives.

My IDEAL CLIENT SUCCESS programme (featuring the unique Triple C HyperGrowth Method) helps entrepreneurs create an irresistible message, a high converting offer and assets that resonate with the deepest needs and desires of their ideal clients. 

If you’re unable to break through your current revenue ceiling to make multiple 6 or 7 figures consistently……or if you’re a property business owner who’s losing great deals you’ve put time and money into securing, through being unable to access private finance, when you need it. (Check out my property site here), you may be frustrated and feeling……

You Need  And Deserve More 

The unpopular truth is, without the right roadmap and support, you’ll stay stuck inside your business, feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Your ability to grow, scale, hire a team, and get the best from your life, will be limited.

That’s why  experts like you need to develop the skills, and implement the right strategies, to acquire your ideal clients, investors or partners, fast, so you can scale up your business and live the life you always  dreamed of.

You can find out more as well as access some of my free and low cost resources here.

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Tough Times Don’t Last. Tough People Do.

I’ve had a rollercoaster of triumphs and challenges in my life. From a troubled childhood ‘on the streets’ to single parenthood, cancer and a high level global career as an entrepreneur in media and entertainment, I’ve learned so many valuable, painful lessons – which I’m going to share with you, so you don’t have to learn the hard way like me.

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Jane is the “Smart Connector”, but this is not just a brand – this is also a powerful philosophy for both life and business. When you start working with Jane you immediately begin to see the different ways she can transform your business. The result is faster growth, increased profits and more fun. Better connections, better deal flow, better margins and more fun in less time. The bottom line is that Jane gets great results, and she does it fast.

John Tighe

Founder, Strategic Positioning Press

Having worked with several individuals and organisations that fell short of my requirement and expectations, I was doubtful I could ever find someone that got ‘it’ and got ‘me’. Then a friend of mine recommended Jane, and I am so glad she did! Jane is absolutely fantastic. She adds so much clarity, value  and insight, my only regret is that I didn’t meet her sooner.

Colin Bell

Productivity Consultant

Jane has a really special magic that comes not just from her decades of high level brand marketing and business growth experience, which is apparent from the first moment she liaises with you. I encourage you to invest in Jane’s Ideal Client Success Programme. It’s fantastic (as is she).

Debi Richens

Grief Recovery and PTSD Expert

I really enjoyed my experience of the Ideal Client Success programme and all the fantastic help and support I received from Jane and her team to create systems and frameworks for the growth of my Total Immersion Mindset Programme for Automotive Engineers. Jane is an entrepreneurial powerhouse who will get the very best from you and transform your results, just as she has transformed mine.

Zain Malik

Automotive Engineer

When I started Jane’s programme, I expected to learn more about social media marketing. What I learned instead was a radical new approach to business which made me clarify and rethink everything I knew. I wholeheartedly endorse her.

Sudip Dasgupta

Property Developer

I’ve been working with Jane for 6 months and loved every minute. Her insights and support have been invaluable. She’s transformed my perspective on business and life issues. I have no hesitation in recommending her services. Working with Jane will be one of the best decisions you make.

Colin O’Loughlin

Founder, Civcol Engineering

I’ve joined Jane’s Ideal Client Success Programme and learnt so much in terms of how to target the right clients and develop a set of marketing propositions and assets that position me for success. I highly recommend Jane and her programme.

Giorgia Prestento

Behavioural Scientist And Change Management Expert

I’ve loved every minute of working with Jane. I’ve learned so much and find myself making great strides every day. She is really professional with a great attitude and goes out of her way to help you grow.

David John ‘O’Donnell

Senior IT Consultant, Oracle Database Expert

As a Property Pension specialist I truly value Jane’s deep expertise in entrepreneurship, brand marketing and new service development. It can be difficult to identify people who really know their stuff but not Jane. Her ability as both a coach and mentor are outstanding, and I really value her insight and opinion whether I’m engaging with her personally or listening on one of her podcasts.

James Hadley

SASS Pension Expert