EP323 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Neville Wright


This is an interview between Jane Bayler, and highly successful serial entrepreneur Neville Wright, who sold his KiddieCare business to Morrisons for the massively life changing sum of £70M.

In addition to his success with Kiddiecare, Neville is also a no.1 best selling author, mentor, investor and property developer. Throughout his 45-year career in business, property investment, retail and building have been at the core of his success, but most people recognise him for the sale of Kiddicare, a baby nursery retailer which he started in 1977 and sold for £70 million cash to Morrisons supermarket in 2011 – which was a record price for an independent shop in the depths of a recession. 

Neville developed a property maintenance business, expanding into retail, alongside incorporating buying and selling businesses. Spinning plates in each of the businesses to keep them going was very intense and educational. Juggling spinning plates became an art which he thrived on.

In this fascinating interview, Neville especially talks about the challenges and rewards of being in business with his long term partner and wife, Marilyn. And what it really means to run a family business.

How can anyone in our society retire at the age of 24 having no money and no education? Neville says, ‘it’s easy for some, all you need is to be in your element – so when you find that you are in your element you will never have to work another day in your life.’

EP32 – The Connection Central Series: Matt Siddell


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Matt Siddell, a full-time MD of Tropolis – a revolutionary property training business which he created in 2019 and launched Q1/2020.

An entrepreneur at heart with an economics degree from the University of Manchester, Matt established Kin in 2001 after spending three years in financial services. Matching heirs to unclaimed inheritances, Matt grew his first business to a team of 45 and traced heirs to estates exceeding £100 million in value.

Seven years later, and with the world of property beckoning, Matt established Opulen in 2011. While building a portfolio in Reading, he also broke ground on the London market, managing projects for clients and himself with works that included refurbishment, basements, extensions, loft conversions and cinemas in a mix of Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Grade II listed properties.

In 2015, Matt started PPN Knightsbridge at the Royal Thames Yacht Club. This became the flagship event of the franchise within which it operated and inspired others to follow suit, essentially because he was the first to ban people from selling courses from the front of the room.

With a wave of momentum behind him, Matt established Qandor, where his ambition was clear: to create an environment where developers, investors and business owners regularly and exclusively interact with the aim of collaborating on existing and new projects upwards of £1m in value.

EP31 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Michael Garvey


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Michael Garvey, a highly experienced Chartered Surveyor and Property Consultant, being joint owner and Managing Director of Chandler Garvey a well-known and respected regional commercial property consultancy.

He is also a philanthropic and high profile businessman who has invested significant time and effort into the Buckinghamshire business community over the past 10 years. He is a founder and Chairman of Buckinghamshire Business First, an organisation that supports 12,000 business members in Buckinghamshire and is the Growth Hub for the county. He is also a board member and Vice Chair of the Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership. He plays a significant and active role chairing many groups focused on infrastructure, transport and have also been heavily involved with governance.

Michael’s passion is to see other businesses succeed and to support the Buckinghamshire economy and in turn the national economy.

EP30 – The Connection Central Series: Nick Bradley


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and entrepreneur, author, speaker and investor, Nick Bradley. Nick’s background is in growing and scaling VC and Private Equity backed businesses. Having successfully built, bought and sold a number of companies, and removed himself from day-to-day operations, his focus now is on helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be, in business and in life; as well as investing in growth businesses and backing turnarounds – with the ultimate aim of creating value from significant capital events.

Nick is passionate about personal and professional development – showing up and being the best version of himself every day. His bigger vision is to help bring entrepreneurial skills, experience and mindset to people in developing nations – so they can follow their dreams, live life more on their terms – utilising entrepreneurship as a global force for good.

Nick is also host of the popular and inspiring Scale up Your Business podcast – one of Jane’s all time favourites.

EP29 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Aarti Raicha


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and business reputation expert, Aarti Raicha. Aarti’s marketing agency SWS (Strategic Web Success) helps businesses succeed, through her powerful niche service – building social proof, and managing reputation, through the power of positive online reviews. 

Having served over 1,000 businesses globally since 2012, SWS works across a range of disciplines to achieve results for their clients, using tools such as retargeting/display ads, social media, reputation enhancing videos, ad banners and funnel creation.

Warren Buffet once said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” This is why reputation management is such a critical aspect of business and brand success. Companies are often judged, and purchases made, because of end user reviews. Therefore reputation management is a strategic tool that helps business owners understand what they’re doing right in their business, as well as finding out what’s not working. The discussion around change and its implementation based on end-user feedback creates a powerful connection with customers, making them understand they are engaged with a company that not only acknowledges feedback, but also makes changes based on it. 

In this interview Aarti relates how she acquired her first handful of clients through offering a bespoke personal service, before growing her team to 40+. She also discusses the power of reputation management, why business today is more transparent than ever, and why social proof is so closely linked to sales success.

EP28 – The Connection Central Series: David Hunt


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and David Hunt, a prominent figure and thought leader in the clean technology sector. Hailed as a leading green entrepreneur by the Financial Times, David also presents at industry events such as EcoSummit, Energy Storage Europe, Solar & Storage Live and Fully Charged Live. He also hosts the ‘Leaders in Cleantech’ Podcast. He was also chosen as one of 25 LinkedIn Top Voices 2018, where he has over 150,000 followers.

David is a frequent contributor to trade publications such as Energy Storage News, Solar Power Portal, PV Tech, Clean Energy News and Smart Cities World. His industry insights have been quoted in UK broadsheet newspapers such as The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and the Sunday Times. Being well versed in business and economics, he has also lent his voice to the likes of BBC Radio Four and ITV’s 6 o’clock news.

A cleantech expert and industry insider, David specialises in the clean energy and eMobility sectors. His drive to accelerate these growing markets led him to set up Hyperion Executive Search Ltd, a talent acquisition company specialising in the cleantech space that incisively places talent where it’s needed. Hyperion has been helping businesses grow and succeed since 2014, with offices in Liverpool, Munich and Austin, TX. David’s headhunting team now operates across EMEA and the US.

Before this, David co-founded an award-winning multi-technology renewable energy installation business, sat as a policy board member with the UK Renewable Energy Association, and was a member of PRASEG (Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group).

EP27 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mark Shraga


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Mark Shraga, a sales professional and entrepreneur with a proven track record for creating high performance and value rich business propositions and launching them successfully to the market.

Mark is the brand creator and founder of New Star Networks (NSN) Ltd, Cloud 100 Ltd and NSNrg Ltd. As well as the owner of executive coaching company Brighter Lives Ltd and Martial Arts Club owner at Shodokan Aikido West London.

EP26 – The Connection Central Series: Cecilia Harvey​


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Cecilia Harvey, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Hyve Dynamics. With over 20 years experience in finance and technology. Cecilia is an advocate for responsible technology leadership that seeks to inspire, elevate and disrupt global businesses and communities.

Graduating from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Cecilia was soon captivated by the energy of Wall Street and the lure of a career in banking. After working her way up in the banking industry, her roles have since included being the COO of Citigroup Markets and Securities Services Technology, and positions with Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital and IBM.

Cecilia’s recent achievements include being featured in Forbes Magazine in 2019 as a leading lady in technology, a 2018 We Are The City TechWomen 100 winner. Cecilia is also the founder and chair of Tech Women Today, a professional organisation focused on connecting and advancing women across various areas of technology. 

EP25 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Maria Borelius


Maria Borelius is an award-winning Swedish science journalist and author of several popular science books on medicine and health, including the best selling Health Revolution – which extolls the benefits of an anti inflammatory lifestyle. . She is a columnist and founder of the Ester Foundation, which supports marginalised immigrant women to start businesses. She also works as a communications advisor to scientific institutions, pharmaceutical and tech companies globally. Maria has previously held the post of Minister of Commerce in Sweden and CEO of the Global Microfinance Organization Hand in Hand International. She has a degree in biology, physics and mathematics and a master’s degree in science journalism, and has lived in the UK for the past seventeen years.

EP24 – The Connection Central Series: Andy Phillips


Andy Phillips is a marketing automation and digital marketing specialist with over 30 years of marketing experience and over 16 in digital marketing. He helps business owners understand marketing automation, how they can use it within their business and how it works with the internet and social media to gain them a competitive advantage. This interview focusses on his process and methodologies, and also announces an exciting new initiative – working with Jane to help solopreneurs, start ups and established businesses who want to develop a new product or service, to conceive, create and market something that sells fast. 

EP23 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Thorsten Heller


Thorsten Heller is the CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Innovator / Chief Disruptor at Greenbird Technology, a global business with headquarters in Norway. Greenbird has a special interest and focus on Digital Transformation, Innovative Business Models for the Energy Revolution and Disruptive Technologies driving the Digital Utility. I met Thorsten through his Marketing Director Frederik ten Sythoff at the Hypergrowth Marketing Conference in London, and was so impressed by his authenticity, character and commitment to serve all his stakeholders to the utmost, I couldn’t wait to interview him.

EP22 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Gillie Barlow


Gillie Barlow is a property entrepreneur and philanthropist, with a passion for building people up, seeing them flourish and to helping them understand what ‘happy’ and ’success’ mean. When she was 20 she flew out to the Kalahari desert which was formative in taking her out of her comfort zone and becoming the visionary person she is today. This is where she discovered her vision, which lead her to purchasing her first property 2 years later.  Her first ski chalet in France is now where many disabled children stay through her charity Sophia’s Alpine Disabled Adventures. In 2011 Gillie because part of pin (Property Investors Network) where she won the 2011 Mastermind Course.  She now coaches and travels the country inspiring people with her journey and teaching various property investment strategies. Her vision is to help people live from the inside out, rather than the outside in and this philosophy shines through in her coaching, mentoring and training. 

EP21 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: John Howard


John Howard is a published author, and one of the most accomplished property developers, traders and investors in the UK today. With four decades of experience, and having worked in residential and commercial, as well as owning estate agency and auction houses, there are very few people more knowledgeable and well connected in property circles. John’s most recent property development project was the Winerack, a stunning luxury apartment block overlooking Ipswich Marina. He also trades land and properties prolifically. On his first exposure to the property training sector, John noted a lot of misinformation was being handed out, so he decided to raise his own profile and provide some some expert education at an affordable price point to genuinely support others. As well as his ventures in property, John is active in politics as the Chairman of Ipswich Conservative Association. You will love this fast paced interview between us.

EP20 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kelly Forrester


Kelly and her partner Martin are the two partners of Over The Edge – an online community and global podcast show which delivers and shares entrepreneurial truths.

Kelly’s passionate about not allowing anything or anyone to hold you back, least of all yourself, an attitude and philosophy that comes from her own experience as the owner of a thriving and successful Exeter estate agency that failed due to circumstances beyond her control. Older and wiser, Kelly emerged like the warrior she is, and this podcast interview dives deep into that experience as well as her earlier life and challenges. Kelly’s an absolute sweetheart and I know you’ll love this interview between us.

EP19 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Zameer Nazarali


I really enjoyed this interview with the passionately entrepreneurial London based employment lawyer, Zameer Nazarali of Simplify ER. Zameer attracted my attention because of his relentless dedication to the concept of a truly engaged workforce. With a proactive and engaged approach, he believes organisations can transform their ‘work force’ into a ‘force at work’. He helps clients achieve greater results and efficiency, whilst creating an environment of innovation, establishing a “care for the business” attitude, promoting motivation and the will to win, and making the organisation stand out as a great place to work. Whether applying these principles in his own business or those of his clients, you’ll find it refreshing to hear his ‘take’ on the sometimes tricky issues of employee motivation and retention.

EP18 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brad Burton


Brad Burton is the UK’s no.1 motivational speaker, Founder of 4Networking, the UK’s largest joined-up national business network, and author of four of the highest-rated and 5* reviewed business books on Amazon. He’s also a mentor to sole-traders, small businesses, and large corporates; delivering sessions around public speaking and book writing. It could have turned out very differently for him. Born and bred on the mean streets of Manchester, his life spiralled rapidly downhill, before he came to a powerful realisation that his life had to change in a big way. This led to the success he now enjoys, and a great life living his ultimate purpose.

EP17 – Stop being annoying to, or annoyed by others


We all annoy other people at times, and we get annoyed by them too. To achieve our best lives, we need to pro-actively prevent the unexpected or unwanted consequences of annoying others. Our own and other’s unconscious habits can truly hijack our efforts and wellbeing. We therefore need to be aware of common things that annoy others as well as us, and the choice we and they always have to react to things differently. This podcast episode examines this topic, looking at how to keep annoying behaviour and its consequences out of our lives, maxing out on inner peace and enjoyment instead.

EP16 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Stephen Gillen


I interviewed Stephen Gillen, entrepreneur, mentor, international peace prize nominee, and media personality, after hearing his fascinating story. From a troubled childhood to a career in organised crime, he emerged from prison armed this time with a relentless determination to turn his life around. Apart from his multiple business ventures, and his charitable and philanthropy work, his story is also being told through a new feature film: Two Extremes, about the parallel trajectory of himself and ex policeman Kul Muhay. Enjoy this interview between us!

EP15 – Generate Rapport With Others


Knowing how to generate rapport with others is one of the most essential skills we can have in business and life. It’s what makes others interested in the messages we communicate, and the product or service we provide. If we want to influence others, we need also to be willing to be influenced. Which means taking on someone else’s perspective and wishes. And that’s where rapport starts. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketeer, salesperson, professional or parent, this podcast on how to develop rapport will improve your success with others, and give you a sense of personal accomplishment.

EP14 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lucinda Carney


Lucinda Carney is an organisational change consultant, CEO of HR software business, and the host of the acclaimed #HRUprising podcast. I loved this interview which focussed on her work at the forefront of organisational change.

EP13 – How Vulnerability Builds Rapport


In this solo episode, Jane looks at the topic of vulnerability. How it is a key building block of rapport and how it helps you cut through the noise to be the most powerful version of yourself. Most of us were brought up to associate vulnerability with risky exposure, and we learned to keep our innermost feelings to ourselves. Left unchecked, the impact of this decision is that we will struggle to resonate at a deep level with others, meaning they will pass us by and choose others first. So practising vulnerability assists our entrepreneurial as well as personal success.

EP12 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Leo Suarez


This is an interview with Leo Suarez, Jane’s business partner in property. Leo has been a UK citizen since 2012 but was originally from Colombia. He is a Property Investor and Developer, Civil Engineer, MBA graduate, and founder of various companies in his native South America, including a steel trading company, and Colombia’s only freight railway train company. Leo has managed the development of several listed buildings and residential properties in Columbia, and is also the host of the podcast Bienes Raíces UK, which is recorded in Spanish about UK property opportunities. He’s a true Smart Connector – with huge integrity and emotional intelligence – who Jane absolutely loves working with.

EP11 – Connection with Self: Put Down Worry and Pick Up Peace


In this episode, Jane shares vulnerably about the many challenges she’s encountered, from her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, to her relationship and business ups and downs. How, during her cancer treatment, she made the decision to find a different way to deal with life, and how that freshly empowered perspective resulted in unexpected and dramatic improvements to her happiness. Looking and feeling better through maintaining daily habits can make a difference to us all.

EP10 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Catherine Turner


I interviewed Catherine Turner, host of the acclaimed ‘Leveraged Lifestyle’ podcast, and was so impressed at how her and her husband had grown their business through tech and systems, enabling them to live a life of freedom and choice. Since this is something many entrepreneurs dream of, I know you’ll love this interview between us.

EP09 – Explaining Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Abraham Maslow’s famous ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ is a set of theories referenced by marketers and their agencies worldwide – helping them understand who to sell their products to, and how to create a message that resonates powerfully. This episode looks at the timeless psychological principles underpinning these theories, and the value they create for entrepreneurs today.

EP08 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Rob Stewart

Entrepreneur Rob Stewart is a former RAF Fighter Pilot, property investor and expert trainer who has built an incredible lifestyle business founded on his passions for both training and family life. Today his ambition is to help 10,000 expert entrepreneurs change 100million lives whilst working anywhere in the world. I know you’ll love this interview between us.

EP07 – Smart Connection and why it matters

In this episode I talk about Smart Connection – what it is, why it matters, and how you can become a Smart Connector too. Upgrading your connection skills allows you to attract the high value people who can transform your business, and get them to say YES to you. It also helps you enjoy and powerfully engage with every relationship, and live your very best life.

EP06 – Scarcity – Influence and Persuasion

This is the sixth and final podcast in my series about the work of Robert Cialdini, who wrote the pioneering book: Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion. In this episode I look at the principle of Scarcity, which dictates that we are more likely to want the things we are being offered if we feel they’re running out or are in short supply. This goes for people as well as products, so if you want someone to value you, make them work for your time and attention!

EP05 – Authority – Influence and Persuasion

The fifth podcast in my series about the pioneering work of Robert Cialdini looks at the principle of Authority, which is why we tend to follow people who we believe are experts in an area or subject we’re not. This is why it is important to demonstrate credentials, experience or certificates and to back this up with visual cues that suggest these are true.

EP04 – Liking – Influence and Persuasion

This is the fourth podcast in my series about the pioneering work of Robert Cialdini, who wrote Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion, in 1984. In this episode I look at the principle of Liking, which dictates that we are more likely to do the things others want us to do for them if we like them. This also looks at how to get people to like you or what you represent, so they say yes to what you’re offering them.

EP03 – Social Proof – Influence and Persuasion

The third podcast in my series of Influence and Persuasion was inspired by the timeless classic: Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion, written in 1984 by Robert Cialdini. In this episode we look at the principle of Social Proof, which dictates that we accept advice and buy from people if they have been recommended or endorsed by others we trust.

EP02 – Commitment and Consistency – Influence and Persuasion

Welcome to the second podcast in my series about the pioneering work of Robert Cialdini. In this episode, I look at the principle of Influence and Persuasion, which is actually two, Commitment and Consistency. These principles are why we tend to stick to our choices, even when we have evidence that better ones are available to us.

EP01 Reciprocity – Influence and Persuasion

In this series, I look at the pioneering work of psychologist and marketing professor Robert Cialdini who wrote the book: Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion in 1984. His timeless theories are still as relevant today as are based on our fundamental human nature. This episode examines the first principle: Reciprocity, which states that we tend to return the favours people give us.