Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning – With Slater Victoroff


Slater Victoroff, who is from Boston, Massachusetts, is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Indico, which is an enterprise AI solution provider that has just announced a successful raise of $22M of Series B funding to expand globally. 

Slater’s a world leading expert in data science and has been building machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions for startups, governments and Fortune 100 companies for the past 7 years. 

There are only a few in the world who have amassed such a wealth of experience in this area, and he shares so much wisdom in this episode.

As well as the fundraise itself, Slater and Jane also talk about the process of funding tech start ups and what the $22million is actually going to be used for!

They also speak about the opportunities and pitfalls of AI and machine learning, and what start ups and SME’s should be aware of in terms of their use of it. 

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ADHD Business Superpower Or The Source Of All Chaos? – With Max Lawrence


Jane and her client Max discuss in this interview the effects that ADHD has on the brain – and how that makes the approach to business success so different for those diagnosed. 

A love for problem solving, a need for excitement, risk taking and a craving for impulsivity are prominent characteristics in those with the disorder, which can be both a positive and negative. 

After 28 years developing successful boutique hotels in Morocco, tour operating and producing fashion shoots for many of the biggest names in fashion, Max was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 44. 

He describes getting a diagnosis, which was missed by therapists and psychiatrists during 20 years of therapy, as a mind blowing revelation. Receiving an ‘explanation’ of so many baffling facets of his personality and behaviour going right back to childhood came as a monumental relief and just in the nick of time to save him from his own self destructive behaviour which whist being under control since getting sober in Alcoholics Anonymous 15 years earlier, hung over him like a sword of Damocles. 

Max now coaches ADHD entrepreneurs, professional and creatives as well as a handful of university students to take control of their ADHD, to gain the elusive executive functions which neuro-typicals take for granted, their absence fuelling the trail of disorganisation, impulsivity, inattention and distractibility that ADHD’ers are known for. 

On the one hand making some into brilliant entrepreneurs and fuelling ‘out of the’ box thinking (Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vincci and Richard Branson) whilst on the other, often leading to the demise of undiagnosed ADHD’ers by way of anxiety, depression, low self esteem, addiction and financial ruin.

Do you know any other highly successful entrepreneurs who have ADHD?

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How To Achieve Fast And Consistent Growth From Startup – With Tim Cakir


Tim Cakir is a growth consultant who helps companies, entrepreneurs and students achieve fast and consistent growth in their businesses. 

Working with 17 startups to date, some of Tim’s most significant achievements include helping two startups receive 1.7 million euros in Horizon 2020 funding, increasing Monthly Recurring Revenue of one startup from $80k to $300k in less than 18 months and completing projects such as implementation of Objectives and Key Results, building company dashboards, rebranding and product launches.

In addition to that, Tim’s passion for helping people realise their potential to bring their ideas to life means that he also teaches Bachelor and Masters programs at two universities in Barcelona, ESEI International Business School Barcelona and Geneva Business School.

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How To Crush It On Instagram – With Chris Taylor


As an entrepreneur it can be difficult to master the different social media platforms, whilst creating engaging content for audiences. This is why Jane selected the Chief Content Officer of Grammication & the Pipeline 44 Group, Chris Taylor as a guest for this episode. 

Chris shows his clients how to crush it on Instagram. Jane and he discuss how to create emotion-evoking content to tell your story, increase brand visibility and credibility which, over time, strategically builds your sales pipeline.

Chris is best known for my ability to help brands create engaging story-telling content, giving business owners and salespeople the competence and confidence to create highly engaging content.

Business Owners and Brands come to Chris frustrated by a lack of visibility of their personal brand and company brand across social media platforms. Some are worried that they just aren’t getting inbound inquiries from their content. Most are concerned that they don’t have the structures in place to be able to create effective content in a time-efficient manner.

Do you use Instagram for your business? Would you like to learn how to create engaging story-telling content?

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Business Growth Success Through Mergers, Acquisitions And Strategic Planning – With Michael Roub


In this fascinating episode, Jane and Michael discuss his journey to success and some of the lessons he learned along the way, including why connecting with people in the right way is so fundamental to business growth and success.

Michael Roub is the Managing Partner and founder of Inflection 360. He has more than two decades of business expertise as a strategic advisor and consultant, corporate executive, and investment banker. Michael has extensive experience with corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising and has worked extensively with dental and medical groups and private equity backed-platforms.

Michael has a proven executive and strategic consultant with significant corporate development, M&A, operations, and capital raising experience. He has expertise with early-stage growth businesses, healthcare practices and major corporations. Providing strategic oversight to support needs of emerging healthcare groups and small businesses that are looking to develop and execute on a strategic plan.

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How To Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout And Achieve Peace Instead – With Keith Corbett


In this episode, Jane and Keith discuss the pressures of being an entrepreneur, the different stresses the self-employed and business owners face, and how to manage the entrepreneurial ‘dip’ to avoid burnout. 

A former hi-tech PR/marketing exec, Keith is now a property investor and therapist who has helped many around the world achieve massive positive change in their lives.

Keith has had some extraordinary experiences which he combines with his scientific, metaphysical and spiritual teachings to help entrepreneurs and execs overcome the unconscious programming that leads to the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that can disempower them. 

Jane brought Keith onto the podcast to help you release mental/emotional blocks, align with your core being and access hidden inner resources to reclaim your power, reach your full potential and live with purpose and joy.

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel – With David Walsh


Jane and YouTube expert, David Walsh discuss David’s journey on You Tube – how he built his channel and scaled it to over 100,000 subscribers. They also look at the factors influencing success, such as AI algorithms, which content and topics work best, headlines, thumbnails, and hashtags, YouTube shorts, and advertising, as well as the opportunities for revenue creation and sponsorship and so much more. 

David works with entrepreneurs and organisations who want to grow their authority and reputation on You Tube so they attract carefully targeted traffic and leads into their business. 

David often finds people get overwhelmed by the prospect of building a You Tube Channel as they don’t know what videos to create for their audience. At other times they are frustrated with creating YouTube videos and getting ZERO or low views. They struggle to get their YouTube Channel visible and converting browsers into customers or clients.

Do you use YouTube for your business? And if not, are you planning to start?

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Build Your Business Empire Through Acquisition – with John Carvalho


In this fascinating interview, Jane and John discuss the lessons John has learned when building his business empire through acquisitions, how important dialogue is when negotiating an acquisition and how John’s mindset has changed over the year to a ‘think big, see opportunities in light of obstacles’ mindset. They also discuss the effects differing cultures can have when acquiring a business and the perception that only large $100M companies can be acquired. 

John co-founded a company in the oilfield services industry that acquired 17 businesses and went from $5 million in revenue to $240 million in seven years. The company went public in 2018. He says it was one of the most challenging, fun and rewarding experiences of his life! 

John has an Acquisition Playbook which teaches you how to have an executable plan to build the 8-9 figure business that you’ve dreamed of and gain the knowledge to create generational wealth for you and your family. Check the episode show notes for the link to the Acquisition Playbook.

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Pathways To Growth – And A $20M Per Annum Business – With Bryan Clayton


This is an interview with Bryan Clayton, the co-founder and CEO of tech business GreenPal, an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals. GreenPal has been called the Uber for lawn care by Entrepreneur Magazine and has over a hundred thousand active users completing thousands of transactions per day.

It has an annual turnover of $20 million and is experiencing a hundred percent growth year on year. Before he founded GreenPal, Bryan started and grew a local landscaping business to over $10 million in revenue before it was acquired by Lusa holdings in 2013, with decades of entrepreneurial experience behind him, Brian is passionate about inspiring other entrepreneurs to start and scale their business.

In this interview, Jane and Bryan talk about many of the lessons, values, and philosophies that lie behind his success.

Would you like to build an online marketplace with over 100,000 active users? 

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Empowering Women In Business – With Yinka Ewuola


This interview features Jane and Yinka discussing the different struggles that women have to men when building a business, inequality and diversity in life as well as business, and examples of strong, successful female leaders from the past.

Yinka is a Business Coach and Founder of Calla Success Systems, where she works with inspired and ambitious women wanting to have it all, on their own terms. 

She focuses on changing the narrative around disadvantage and shifting the paradigm of female built businesses, and with her passion and her holistic approach to improvement and success she has a transformational impact on many she helps. 

She works with women to ensure that the habits, environments, and processes in their lives and businesses support their deepest hopes and wildest dreams and enable them to define success on their own terms and build exciting inspiring journeys to get there.

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Live The Laptop Lifestyle As A Digital Nomad – With Mike Holp


Mike Holp helps entrepreneurs enjoy a laptop lifestyle in a post COVID world. He’s the founder and business coach at Be Remote Consulting, which helps other aspiring digital nomads to escape the cubicle, build an online business, work from anywhere and enjoy a freedom based lifestyle whilst enjoying the excitement and variety of being a global traveller.

Mike is also a photographer and founder of an innovative PropTech startup in Thailand, which he launched during one of the worst economic recessions in history. 

In this interview you’ll hear how it’s easier than ever today to escape the 9 to 5 grind, create a life of freedom and choice and be your own boss in a location you truly love.

Do you aspire to create a life truly on your terms?

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Align Your Energy, Get In Flow – With Yvette Taylor


In this powerful interview, Jane and Yvette discuss how to create an ideal flow state in business and life. They also talk about the law of attraction, how manifestation really works and why it is frequently misquoted and misunderstood.

Yvette Taylor is a Success and Spiritual Coach and Mentor. She’s also the proud creator of EAM – The Energy Alignment Method, which is a rapid transformation and law of attraction method. Having spent over 17 years working in personal transformation, EAM is the ultimate evolution of so much of the work Yvette has done.

Do you have a way to ‘get in flow’? And if so, what do you do?

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Scaling SASS (Software as a Service) – With Gideon Lask


Gideon Lask is a Tech CEO and Founder of BuyaPowa – the only scalable refer-a-friend and advocacy platform for all industries (especially highly regulated ones such as banking and insurance). 

In this fascinating interview Jane and Gideon talk about the ever-changing tech landscape, and the demands of the start up to scale up journey. 

You’ll hear how Gideon remortgaged his house to bootstrap his startup and how he subsequently attracted his ideal investors. 

How he pivoted twice to find a true product market fit, his acquisition of another business, and future M&A plans. The challenges and delights of a remote global workforce, his personal life, children, divorce and remarriage. And finally the peak performance habits that keep him on track for success.

This is a no holds barred discussion that is full of great insights and wisdom for startups and scale-ups alike. 

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Brand Your Property Business For Success – With Oliver James


In this interview, Oliver and Jane look at why property investors often neglect the issue of personal brand, and why it harms their success to do so. Why perception matters so much, in property as well as other sectors, and why you must always prioritise and develop a strong and congruent brand presence.

Oliver James is a passionate property brand advocate who discovered the key to growing a successful property business is through branding and marketing. 

In 2018 he was regularly networking in the property sector and realised that the majority of property investors had no idea how they were being perceived in their marketplace. 

His pockets were filled with a bunch of cheap looking cards with low quality logos on the back. The people he had just met were networking to meet investors to grow their professional property business, using amateur branding that sabotaged their success. 

Jane invited Oliver to the Smart Connector podcast to highlight that if you neglect your brand, it will end up costing you a LOT more in the long run as your ideal clients will not understand your business or your fit in the sector you belong to. 

Do you prioritise branding in your business? What does your brand say about you?

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Power Your Growth Through Analytics And Marketing Tech – With Dan McGaw


Dan McGaw is Founder and CEO of marketing tech consulting firm McGaw.Io. and UTM.io, a market leading analytics software service. Dan is an award-winning entrepreneur with decades of marketing tech, analytics and data experience, having started at the tender age of 4! He was formerly the head of marketing at Kissmetrics where he succeeded Neil Patel, and head of growth at CodeSchool.com, a tech skills education platform, which was then acquired by Pluralsight. Coined as one of the original growth hackers, Dan is one of the godfathers of marketing technology, and in this role has helped thousands of businesses succeed and scale over the course of his stellar career.

Are you passionate about the power of automation? If so, this interview is a real treat.

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Experiencing The Ideal Client Success Programme – With Dr Sam Beatson


Sam has just completed Jane’s 90 Day Ideal Client Success Accelerator and in this interview we talk about his experience and how it helped him create his exciting programme and offer.

Sam Beatson is a PHD qualified Economist, Data Scientist, Consultant, Researcher and Lecturer at The Nottingham University Business School. He advises government and financial institutions; evaluates policy, and designs and advises on advanced projects that require applied data science and financial and economic problem solving. Sam is also the Prosperity Professor, helping aspiring wealth creators and entrepreneurs to discover their propensity for abundance and prosperity in just a few minutes a day.

Jane’s Ideal Client Success programme is for ambitious service based experts and founders who have a business or revenue stream they want to scale to 6 figures, multiple 6 figures or beyond. They’re willing to back themselves to achieve the business and life they desire. They may feel scared or overwhelmed. They may have struggled, or still be struggling. But they won’t give up. They’re all in – determined not to fail or compromise their dreams. They want a better life for themselves and their loved ones, and they want to make an impact in the world.

Do you have online authority assets that help you attract your ideal clients? If not, would you like to get started, like Sam?

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From Professional Rugby Player To SportTech Ambassador – With Lucas Caneda


In this interview, Jane and rugby professional Lucas talk about the deep connection between sport and business performance, about leadership, motivation, resilience and teamwork, and about Lucas’s role at UNIQORN – one of the leading sport tech incubators and business accelerators in France. 

French based entrepreneur Lucas Caneda is Global Team Lead at UNIQORN and a former professional rugby player for Sarlat Rugby Team. He represents two of its startups FORMATION.GG, which is an e-sports tournament-focused mobile gaming platform that supporting all game titles, for all tournament organisers, casual and competitive gamers, and esports fans. As well as CX Sports, which transforms the fortunes and profile of small sports clubs across multiple sectors through brand marketing merchandising and unique one off events all made possible by tokens.

Are you fascinated by how tech is changing the face of sport?

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Raising Capital For Your Startup Business – With Daniel de Wolf


In this episode, Jane and Daniel discuss the challenges and excitements of starting a business and raising capital for it to grow. They look at the massive opportunity that exists for startups today, as well as some of the challenges they face in our rapidly evolving global marketplace. 

Daniel De Wolf is an entrepreneur, growth enabler, strategic advisor to startups and host of the Elevator Pitch podcast, which assists and promotes great businesses that are seeking investment. 

He works with ambitious founders across multiple sectors to help them define and deliver their vision, and amplify and elevate their passion, personality, and drive.

Daniel’s spent the past 18 years working in tech, finance and building companies. During that time starting three business and for the past 6 years has advised and partnered with start-up’s and scale-up’s to help them succeed. He focuses on finding where gap exists in plans or existing business and then designing solutions to enable long term success.

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Scale Sustainably, Embrace Change – With Gareth Hawkins


Gareth Hawkins, the founder of Business Enterprise Insights, helps chief executives scale their businesses responsibly, and sustainably attract and pipeline talent, plan their succession, and embrace change. Gareth has acquired, built and sold multiple businesses over his 20 year career in engineering. 

Jane and Gareth discuss this and other topics, including what makes for a a successful acquisition or business sale, why culture and values matter so much, and what leads to profitable, sustainable outcomes. 

They also look at why burnout is so common for C-suite executives, and the reasons why CEOs choose to hire a trusted advisor like Gareth.

Gareth is a time-served Managing Director and an MBA Graduate who has acquired, built and sold several businesses over his 20-year career in engineering. As an active NED and Trustee, he is a keen advocate for responsible capitalism, and host of the popular and respected Chief Executive Optimist Podcast.

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How To ‘Exit Rich’ – Sell Your Business For HUGE Profits – With Michelle Seiler-Tucker


In this exciting interview, Jane and Michelle discuss building a business with the objective of selling it, and the key factors you must take into consideration.

They also look at how difficult entrepreneurs find it to relinquish control of their business, but why it’s so important when looking to scale. They reveal how there are more buyers for good businesses out in the market than there are good businesses to buy, and what you can do to make sure you are one of them. 

Michelle Seiler-Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. She holds the M&AMI (Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary) title, as well as Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP) and Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA). 

As a 20-year veteran in the M&A industry, she is regarded as the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses. Her and her firm have sold over a thousand businesses in almost every vertical and have a remarkable track record of success. Michelle has sold over 500 businesses to date and currently owns and operates several successful businesses. Author of EXIT RICH—the method to sell your business for huge profit.

To buy Michelle Seiler-Tucker’s new book: Exit Rich and receive all the incredible bonuses she mentioned in her interview go to Exitrichbook.com 

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Inspire Creativity Through The Art Of Conversation With Fred Dust


Best selling author, consultant and expert in the art of impactful conversation Fred Dust is a former global managing director of legendary design firm Ideo. 

Fred’s passion is showing how to design intentional conversations and have meetings that are creative, inspiring and impactful. 

In his creative practice, Fred began to approach conversations differently after years of trying to broker challenging communications between colleagues and clients.

He came to believe there had to be a way to design the art of conversation itself with intention and purpose, but still retaining creativity, fun and playfulness. 

He wrote his book ‘Making Conversation’ to codify what he learned and convey the four elements essential to successful exchanges, commitment, creative listening, clarity, and context.

Jane and Fred talk about their shared history, the challenge of working at board level in a global design agency, and why conversations have to be so carefully constructed in creative settings. They also look at the impact of language in the political as well as business arena, and finally, how to bring the art of connection into everyday conversations.

How do you keep intention and purpose, but still retain creativity and playfulness in your business conversations

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Automate And Systemise For Success – With Dr Steve Day


In this fascinating interview with systemisation expert Dr Steve Day, Jane discusses what it REALLY takes to achieve a ‘laptop lifestyle’ – and how to manage the performance of a remote team to achieve maximum results and productivity. And why it’s so vital to grow your business in the right way to avoid chaos, overwhelm and the ‘harder hustle loop’ so many early stages business owners find themselves in. 

Dr Steve Day helps micro-business owners and entrepreneurs free their time using systems and outsourcing. Steve’s business, Systems and Outsourcing, shows how to hire, train, manage and grow a reliable, dedicated team of remote workers, providing step by step guidance on systemising business processes and creating operations manuals to remove yourself from the day-to-day operations of your business, so you can focus on what’s most important to you in life.

In this episode, you will learn how implementing tried and tested systems, will help you be more productive, more organised, have more free time and a more profitable, scalable business.

Do you have systems in place in your business? If not, which task would you most like to outsource?

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Scaling Business Through Marketing – With Ryan Alford


In this powerful episode focussing on the mechanics of business growth, Jane talks to Ryan about the power of brand marketing, and why customer experience can be the most important differentiator that gets your ideal clients to choose you first. They also discuss the power of podcasting, why you must ‘pay to play’ to scale a business through marketing, and about the social media platforms you must engage with today.

Ryan Alford is a CEO of Radical, a full service digital marketing agency based in Greenville, South Carolina. He’s a marketing veteran who’s had the privilege of guiding brands like Verizon, Lexus, Samsung Toyota, the NFL, Apple, and many other household names to success.

With two decades of marketing and advertising experience tucked under his belt. Ryan also worked on the original iPhone launch and has built two multi-million dollar companies from the ground up by creating radical marketing and exceptional results. He’s also the host of the podcast, The RadCast.

Do you believe great brands are built through customer experience? If so, what is your favourite brand? 

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Scaling Through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – With Damon Burton

In this fascinating episode, Jane and Damon talk about the challenges and excitements of growing a business, about managing customer and team relationships, both virtually and in person. 

Damon also gives some top tips for small business owners, startups, and solopreneurs on limited budgets and offers our audience a free copy of his book ‘Outrank: Your Guide to Making More Online By Showing Up Higher on Search Engines and Outranking Your Competition’.

Utah based Damon Burton is a search engine optimisation expert and founder of SEO National agency. Damon’s expertise is more important than ever in helping businesses thrive online over a decade ago. 

When he beat a billion dollar company by outranking them on Google, he knew he was onto something and has gone on to build an international search engine marketing company that has worked with NBA teams, Inc 5,000 companies, which are the fastest growing businesses in the USA and also several shark tank featured businesses. 

Since founding SEO National in 2007 Damon has also written for Forbes, been featured in publications, including entrepreneur magazine, Buzzfeed and USA weekly. Damon has helped several high profile clients make more in a month than they used to in a year.

Does your business use Search Engine Optimisation? If not, would you like to learn how?

Free SEO Book from Damon Burton: https://www.freeseobook.com/

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Build Relationships To Build Wealth In Property – With Daniel Duffield

In this episode, Jane and property investor Daniel discuss the importance of complementary skill sets, and why having a values match is so critical to powerful outcomes in business. Daniel also discusses the challenge of building and managing a team remotely as well as the law of reciprocity – why helping other people makes them help you in return. 

With over 13 years architectural experience, Daniel moved into property investing with a burning purpose – to change the housing sector for the better. 

Daniel and his business partner Jeremy set up KOVE properties in 2020 for this reason – and to create hands free opportunities for property investment in the North East of England. KOVE properties have gone on to complete over 70 property transactions for both themselves and their clients, and recently also set up their lettings agency.

How important have you found building relationships in your business or property journey?

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Driving Emotion Through Micro-Scripts With Bill Schley

In this powerful and insightful discussion Jane and Bill discuss the concept of the Dominant Selling Idea as well as the power of micro scripts, which are marketing messages that tell a story and evoke powerful emotion. These are short phrases that people repeat to others and that stick. Micro scripts are used everywhere, but especially in brand marketing and the political arena. They also discuss Bill’s time at the legendary Ted Bates agency, and his exciting new initiative, the Brand Titans master course.

Bill Schley is an award-winning brand expert who began his career as a copywriter at the legendary New York ad agency, Ted Bates, which the series Mad Men was based on. Bill is author of the bestselling book, The Micro-Script Rules: How to tell your story and differentiate your brand in a sentence or less, amongst several others. 

Do you have a brand that evokes emotion? If no, would you like to learn how?

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Master Facebook Ads & Sales Funnels With Adam Baetu

In this compelling interview, Jane and Adam discuss social media advertising, how to create the perfect lead magnet to bring potential clients into your world, and the advantages of paid for versus ‘organic’ traffic. 

Over the last six years, Adam has invested thousands of hours into learning everything about Facebook Ads – and packaging his knowledge into a easily digestible, tested and proven system for running ads which generate lucrative leads and drives profit.

For businesses, using Facebook ads are often the best way to reach out to your target customer, but not every Facebook ad is successful. In fact, most are not. That’s because contrary to popular belief, creating EFFECTIVE and most importantly, PROFITABLE campaigns requires significant wisdom and experience.

When Adam first started using Facebook for his business nearly 5 years ago, he found the learning curve incredibly steep. In fact it took him at least 6 months and cost him £20k of his own money in wasted ad spend before he knew he needed to figure it out properly. 

Adam spent the next 5 years learning from some of the best tutors in the world when it comes to marketing and Facebook Ads and has spent more than £100k on his own education. 

Jane brings Adam’s knowledge to you, so that you don’t make the same mistakes he made and can have the opportunity to master Facebook Ads and Sales funnels yourself. 

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Get Results Through Digital Marketing And Automation With David Somerfleck

Jane and David cover a range of fascinating topics in this interview, including why digital marketing and automation is so critical to entrepreneurial growth today, and the attitudinal and mindset difference between what David calls business hobbyists and those who are 100% committed to their success. They also discuss how and in what way you should repurpose content. 

David is a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 20 years’ experience working for marketing and advertising agencies where he guided enterprise-level brands toward increased profitability. He was also a Certified Small Business Mentor for approximately 10 years through the U.S. Small Business Administration and other nonprofit organisations where he advised hundreds of small business owners, nonprofit administrations and senior staff, and startups in how to grow their business quicker and easier.

Additionally, David was trained in political campaign marketing by a consortium of The White House Project, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Center for Progressive Leadership – and later went on to advise several political campaigns. He has written for AOL/Time-Warner, spoken to a standing-room only audience at Microsoft, taught social media marketing at Johnson & Wales University, taught workshops for the WordPress Foundation and is the author of “The Road to Digital Marketing Profits” and “The Illustrated Guide to Digital Marketing.” 

Do you expertly repurpose your content? If not, would you like to learn how?

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Transform and Scale, From Startup to Global Corporates With Julie Barber

In this exciting interview, Jane and Julie discuss the various types of investors, and what characteristics they seek in the businesses they choose. They also reveal how to choose the right type of investor for a business who wants to scale with help from an external revenue source.

Julie is CEO of Spark! Consulting, a boutique business consultancy specialising in finance raising. She is also a No1. Best-selling author, a Non-Executive Director, Mentor and Speaker. Julie’s background is working with large financial corporates such as KPMG and HSBC, and regulators like the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Julie works with clients focused on growth, innovation and transformation, from early stage startups to global corporates. She developed The Investor Ready Roadmap, a 6-step methodology to ensure confidence and credibility when raising investment – this methodology forms the basis of her No.1 best-selling book, Investor Ready.

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Connection With Self: Put Down Worry And Pick Up Peace With Jane Bayler

In this episode, Jane shares vulnerably about the many challenges she’s encountered, from her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, to her relationship and business ups and downs. How, during her cancer treatment, she made the decision to find a different way to deal with life, and how that freshly empowered perspective resulted in unexpected and dramatic improvements to her happiness. She also discusses how identity is based on habits, and how we can all put down worry and pick up peace by changing ours.

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Conflict, Resolution And Negotiation With Sandy Brown

Sandy is an expert in people issues! She is a speaker, trainer and author who teaches effective communication and conflict resolution skills. She regularly mediates conflicts between teams, employees and businesses with a tried and tested approach. 

She has achieved successful outcomes for previous clients including The Royal Mail, well known banks and other financial institutions, universities, schools, hospitals, and charities.

She belongs to a number professional organisations and, due to her versatile and psychotherapeutic approach Sandy is able to connect with people from all ages, cultures and backgrounds and at every level of management staff.

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How SME’s Can Navigate Brexit And The Pandemic With Sanjeev Kumar & Natalie Torin

In this fast moving and fascinating discussion, Sanjeev Kumar, Natalie Torin and myself discuss how the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit have hit SME’s hard, and we look at what they can do about it.

Natalie is co-founder of the Bevvie.app, which is a private members club in your pocket, and Redeem – a mobile app providing networking on-demand and rewards. She’s a business development and tech consultant and influencer in the family office industry, managing investor relations and facilitating partnerships and publicity for technology and healthcare projects. She works with family offices as well as tech companies in the UK, US and the Middle East and her passion is supporting women’s entrepreneurship and diversity in tech. 

Sanjeev is award winning serial entrepreneur and CEO of the Delamore and Owl Group, which is a privately held group of tech and media global companies with operations in over 30 countries.  He is also a published author, blogger and the executive director of Harley Street Healthcare group PLC.

This interview touches on some of the pain that so many entrepreneurs have felt over the last year since Covid hit, and offers some support and encouragement for a better way forward.

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How To Achieve Authority And Publish A Lead Generating Book With Hayley Paige

London based Hayley Paige is the founder of award-winning Notebook Publishing and its imprints. She is also a book coach through Hayley Paige International, teaching entrepreneurs/professionals her unique systems and methods to writing and publishing for the purposes of lead-generation and increased authority.

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Live In Alignment With Your Values To Achieve Massive Success With Dr John Demartini

Jane interviews human behaviour expert, author and speaker, Dr John Demartini for this EPIC 100th episode special of the Smart Connector Podcast! In this fascinating episode, Jane and Dr John discuss why people do or do not not follow their authentic values, and how that impacts their success in business and life. 

Dr John Demartini is a leading human behaviourist, business consultant and author of over 40 books, including Jane’s personal favourite – The Values Factor. He is founder of the Demartini institute which uses research supported methodologies to facilitate human change and development. In this capacity, he’s created multiple programmes including his flagship Breakthrough Experience, which aligns people with their 7 key areas of life – financial, social, physical, mental, spiritual, vocational and familial. 

His education curriculum ranges from corporate empowerment programs, financial empowerment, self-development programs, relationship solutions, and social transformation programs. His teachings addresses the human factor and range out to a multitude of powerful tools that have proven the test of time. He has studied over 30,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesised the wisdom of the ages which he shares on stage in over 100 countries.

Dr John also appeared in the acclaimed film on the law of attraction, The Secret. As well as living and travelling on a floating ship he calls home, which continually cruises to some of the exciting destinations on earth!

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How To Master The Mindset Required To Succeed With Alex Sapala

Alex Sapala, author of Amazon Number 1 Bestseller ‘The Business Path to Wealth Creation’, is a prize-winning chartered accountant with experience in financial markets and investment banking from the world’s top financial and advisory institutions including Deloitte, RBS and JPMorgan Chase.

Alex aspires to share business and financial knowledge with upcoming entrepreneurs and experienced business minds to learn and master the concepts and mindsets required to succeed, stand out, have the edge and make a difference.

He specialises in raising finance, providing potential investors, investors and joint venture partners with ad hoc (to their specific requirements), hands-free and hassle-free property investments solutions as well as coaching and mentoring. 

He’s the host of The Business, Wealth and Mindset podcast, capturing inspiration wisdom from guests from all walks of life including the likes of Jane Bayler, Dr John DeMartini, Rob Moore, Gerald Ratner, Michelle Seiler Tucker, Holly Morphew.

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How To Develop, Shape And Drive Forward A Business Strategy With Jeannette Linfoot

Jeannette is an experienced senior executive, investor and board advisor with over 25 years’ global professional experience across travel, leisure, hospitality and property sectors.

She has a portfolio of businesses, covering property investing, board advisory and business mentoring. The breadth of her experience in running large and small businesses, mergers & acquisitions, international expansion, strategic development and investing, along with her ‘down to earth’ approach, makes for a compelling and diverse combination.

With an impressive track record in building and optimising high performing, culturally-diverse teams, underpinned by inspirational leadership and vision, Jeannette is a passionate advocate for diversity across all organisational levels. Truly diverse teams and gender-balanced executive boards provide superior customer experiences, more fulfilling career opportunities and optimised financial results for shareholders.

Working with individuals and businesses to develop, shape and drive forward their strategy, Jeannette brings an impartial perspective, which, combined with practical action based solutions, delivers tangible results.

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The Secrets Of Direct Response Marketing With Shlomi Shraga

This is an interview with Israeli based internet marketer, Shlomi Shraga, who specialises in direct response marketing and helping tech startups raise capital for their businesses. Shlomi is a direct response specialist, using traditional as well as online methods of lead generation and is an investor himself who brings the expertise and strategic marketing implementation to disruptive technology partnerships.

In this interview we discuss how Shlomi would market to help startups raise investment, the resurgence of direct mail marketing and how he integrates being an internet marketer with his investment activity.

If you are interested in tech marketing and disruptive industry sectors, you’ll love this interview between us.

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From Wall Street To Global CEO With Sanjeev Kumar

Indian born Sanjeev Kumar is a serial entrepreneur and Group CEO of the Delamore and Owl Group of Companies, a highly successful tech focussed holding company with business assets across more than 30 countries globally. The group’s principal activities involves commodity trading, consultancy, ICT, healthcare, renewable energy, construction, financial services, mining, transport and communications.

Sanjeev started his career in Wall Street investment banking, where he acquired experience in private equity, asset management, corporate finance, investment, risk management, restructuring and trading, as well as other related disciplines. He is passionate about the topic of our collective responsibilities as a society and as individuals. In his ‘spare time’ Sanjeev is a philanthropist, poet, author, podcaster and Founder of 9VISIONS Ltd and [email protected] 

As guest of honour at Jane’s business scale up event the Pocket MBA in London 2020, Sanjeev wowed the audience with his moving poetry recitals about the excitements and challenges of the entrepreneurial journey.

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How To Overcome Any Obstacle With The Right Mind-Shift With Raja Vaidya

Coach Raja is a Triple threat – Science for the MIND, Karate for the Body, and Music for the Soul. Over the past 3 years he has provided free FB live coaching on Mindset and personal development and helped thousands. His past year the beta launch of “Mind-SHIFT Mastery” yielded a 100% success rate in guiding clients to face their fears. After 37 years of Tang Soo Do training and coaching he saw a pattern in teaching white belts to achieve black belt and he parleys that into business, life, and relations. Now he is a budding Professional speaker who Keynoted TEDxJNJ, recently won runner up in the Toastmasters International Speech Competition Division B, is in the Black Belt Hall of Fame, starred in the martial arts documentary movie “The Martialist”, and about to release his new book “UN-Box ME Today.” All of this despite a lifelong stutter which he saved for last to show you that any obstacle can be overcome with the right MIND-SHIFT.

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Mental Health And Addiction In Entrepreneurs With Rob Eastman

In this powerful and moving interview, Jane and Rob Eastman discuss why entrepreneurs are so vulnerable to mental health challenges and addiction. They also discuss Rob’s own life and career and his exciting work with troubled youths in his native Utah. 

Rob Eastman is an entrepreneur, mental health advocate, founder of Eastman Family Recovery Foundation, wrestling coaching, fitness trainer and host of the Stand and Fight podcast, which looks at all aspects of mental health. 

Do you dedicate time in your day to focus on your mental health as an entrepreneur? And if so, what do you do?

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How To Stand Above The Noise For The Right Reasons With Elliot Kay

This is a LIVE interview between Elliot Kay and Jane for the Smart Connector podcast.

Ellio helps business owners and experts stand above the noise for the right reasons and #bemoregiraffe with their businesses.

He shows people how to use public speaking to get visible, attract more clients, and become the go to brand in their industry.

If you have a product or service, and get great results for your clients, what can be missing is VISIBILITY, VOICE, and finding the right speaking opportunities.

Elliot’s on a mission to create 10,000 giraffes like him! ‘What???’ you might be thinking! 

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No BS Leadership With Global CEO Chris Hirst

In this fascinating interview Chris and Jane discuss what impacts peoples ability to lead with power, how to invest and build your brand and how Covid-19 has changed the habits of consumers across multiple sectors.

Chris Hirst is Global CEO Havas Creative, a multi-disciplinary marketing services network. Once an engineering graduate working in a glass factory, his career path has taken him to the boardroom via Oxford University and Harvard Business School. Named in 2018’s Evening Standard Power 1000 list, Chris is a regular commentator in national press including BBC News, The Politics Show, Evening Standard, CNBC, Financial Times and Sky News.

Jane also discusses his incredible accolade, winning the book of the year award for his best-selling book, No Bullshit Leadership. 

Do you see yourself as a leader? Who and how do you lead?

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How Music Artists Are Evolving in Business With Multi Platinum Selling Artist Christian Burns

Christian Burns is a multi platinum selling artist who has been in the music industry for over 20 years, initially as a member of the globally renowned band BBMAK, and then racking up millions of streams both as a solo artist and when featuring on global hits with huge names such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, BT and many, many more. Christian’s vocal productions have also featured on Grammy nominated albums, commercials, TV shows and in blockbuster movies.

We spoke about the impact of COVID on the music industry, and live performance in general, about Christian’s career as an award-winning vocalist with a huge fan base, and about his latest venture – his very exciting vocal and music production training course.

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How To Create An Extraordinary Life As An Entrepreneur With Ben Ivey

A business lifestyle expert, international speaker and mentor, Ben has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to overcome overwhelm and stress, clarify their entrepreneurial and lifestyle goals and work less whilst achieving more. 

He is also a highly requested speaker who has completed a TED Talk in Manderin Chinese and has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Andy Harrington and many other influential speakers in the entrepreneurial and personal development space. 

Ben works with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca Cola, HSBC and Maersk inspiring their teams and helping increase business growth.

Would you like to improve your efficiency and increase business revenue without the overwhelm?

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How To Smash It On TikTok For Entrepreneurs With Rona Rivera Rahman

Rona Rivera Rahman though born and raised in London, lived and studied in the Philippines from the age of 10- 13. Those years had a profound and lasting impact on her perspective and outlook in life. Rona had no real goals or ambition until she found out there is more than one way to make money and live life. Rona found herself buying houses, and stepping into the world of Online Business, leaving her day job at the start of 2020.

Now she helps entrepreneurs achieve success on social media and particularly TikTok, which she specialises in.

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Overcoming Adversity With Two Times Paratriathlon World Champion Steve Judge

At the age of 28, a devastating car accident left Steve Judge fighting for his life and following life saving operations was subsequently told that he may never walk again. Not leaning on his excuses he set goals, turning his excuses into challenges learning to stand and walk again. Steve continued his journey which took him from wheelchair to two times World champion in the sport of paratriathlon.

Now as a professional speaker he has received numerous awards and talks internationally. He’s also an established author and has set up and now runs his business as a resilience coach and runs goal achieving workshops. Steve’s ongoing mission is to help people, inspire others and motivate many and is always looking for opportunities to achieve this.

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Achieve Your Goals Using Behavioural Interventions With Giorgia Prestento

Giorgia Prestento is a Behavioural Change and Decision-making expert who specialises in business change and strategic transformation. She advises businesses on how to achieve their desired outcomes using behavioural interventions. This includes decision-making optimisation: working with businesses who want to build the foundations for more accurate and faster decisions. Giorgia also researches and writes on decision-making and behavioural insights. She has a Masters in Behavioural Science from the London School of Economics (LSE) and an MBA from The University of Bath – School of Management.

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How To Build Trust With Others

All entrepreneurs need to learn the art and science of building win win relationships with complementary others. In the early days, this often comes in the form of partnerships, outsourced support, joint ventures or others who can support them whilst they add value in turn. 

This works because it’s leverage: allowing you to do more of the things you do best whilst permitting others the privilege of doing what they’re great at too.

In this episode we look at one of Jane’s favourite topics, people risk – how, when, why and who to trust. How to depend and extend a relationship through trust and when to exit from a relationship that is likely to do you more harm than good. 

She also looks at why the right relationships are so critical in business – and why trust matters most of all. 

How valuable have you found relationships in your business? Do you ever struggle to trust others?

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Unlock Your Inner Superman Unleash Your True Power With Hari Kalymnios

Hari Kalymnios unlocks the SUPERHUMAN in you and your team. Giving you the ability to perform at the OPTIMUM level leading to improved focus, productivity,resilience, relationships, happiness, health, vitality and energy.

Hari works with forward thinking corporations, universities and professionals who realise that high performance comes from personal leadership, self-mastery and unlocking your SUPERHUMAN self. If you want to get to your best level in life, and really excel, find out to understand what it takes be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually aligned and alive in everything you do, join us for this exciting conversation.

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Become The Energy You Want To Attract

In this solo episode, Jane discusses the key elements to becoming the energy that you want to attract and how people can intuitively sense when you’re in a confident, peaceful, joyful place, or struggling, and they will often choose to align themselves with you on that basis.

Jane believes the law of attraction has been misunderstood, simplified and interpreted incorrectly by many over the years and shares 3 steps to change your energy and become a ‘higher vibe’ version of yourself. So that when you step into the arena with your ideal clients, you’re the most confident, vibrant version of yourself. Someone who is genuinely able to give you full focus and attention, without the distraction of insecurity, pain or inner turmoil. 

What is the energy you want to attract?

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Power Up Your Property Business Through Social Media Marketing With Laura Muse

Laura Muse, Social Media Expert and Sheffield based Property Investor has raised £4m of private Investor Finance as a result of her activities. Her Company I Squared Property doubled their portfolio last year to 14 Properties as well as starting a lettings agency, and she has also built a successful deal packaging business. Laura has recently started her next project funded by Investor Finance a New Build Project x3 detached affordable homes in Sheffield and continues to grow her business through the power of Social Media.

Laura and her husband James specialise in BRR (buying, refurbishing and renting) Build to rent/sell and Commercial Property in Sheffield and its surrounding areas as well as running their Lettings agency to help other Landlord with their investments.

Following on from the success of Jane’s recent finance raising accelerator programme, Laura and Jane will be discussing the power of social media to attract your ideal investors and explode the growth of your business.

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Crush It As An Author And Share Your Message With The World With John Tighe

John Tighe is a strategic and online marketer, and publishing and positioning expert, who helps entrepreneurs identify their unique value and difference and take their message to a global audience. 

He is also a trainer and founder of Strategic Positioning Press, which helps entrepreneurs from around the world publish for profit and generate the success and recognition they deserve. 

John is the author of “Crush It with Kindle”, and helped Jane elevate her book ‘The Smart Connector’ to best seller status on both sides of the Atlantic. 

How To Develop A Personal Brand That Cuts Through The Noise With Ash Borland

Would you like your personal brand to become memorable, unstoppable and irreplaceable?

Ash Borland is a Personal Branding Coach who specialises in personal brand development and strategy. Ash helps his clients clarify their message. establish themselves as an authority, and unlock their selling potential through social media.

His theory is that everyone is individual, and we all are our unique selling point. When we start to embrace our own individuality and use it in a focused way, we become memorable, unstoppable and irreplaceable.

Connect Through Stories

How story telling can grow your business.

A lot of entrepreneurs would like to harness the power of story telling in their communications. In this solo episode Jane discusses the key elements to building a powerful story, and how using story telling in business can help entrepreneurs connect on a deeper and more intuitive level with their clients. 

Jane says when you base your stories around the problem your clients need to overcome they will resonate more powerfully, and it will make them want to engage with you. That’s why the single most important thing you need to know about your client, is their problems. What is it they keep trying over and over again but keep failing at? What gives them sleepless nights? What is making them neglect their health and well being? Tell a story to show them you have been in their shoes, and know how it feels.

Do you use stories to connect more deeply with your audience? 

How To Unlock Your Passion And Live Your Mightiest Life With Pete Lonton

Do you want to stoke the fire in your belly?

Pete Lonton is an Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Coach, Mentor Author and Property Investor who helps his clients uncover their potential and become the mightiest version of themselves.

Pete will talk openly about losing both of his parents, suffering periods of depression, business downturn and burn-out, and all his years spent not stoking ‘Fire in the Belly’ before he found and committed to pursuing his true purpose and passion.

Taking Tech Start Ups To Market With Alex Weekes

In this fascinating interview, Jane and Alex discuss the typical concept to implementation route for tech start ups, as well as the investment landscape, what tech contributes to society and the profile and character traits of successful tech founders and investors. 

Alex Weekes made his name in the startup space through developing his career as a product and project manager. Now a Tech Startup Consultant for product-based founders and entrepreneurs, he prepares founders for their fundraising rounds, and via his network of high level investors, actually funds their businesses too. 

Alex’s experience and expertise has afforded him the knowledge and skills of what investors are looking for in startups – and it’s this knowledge that he imparts to those he works with, providing them with a journey from their initial vision to the investor’s boardroom.

LIVE Coaching Session With A Member Of The Smart Connector Group Jez Tinkler

Jane engaged in a LIVE coaching session with a member of her Smart Connector Facebook group, Jez Tinkler, coaching him through some of the issues standing between him and entrepreneurial success.

This is a powerful and transformative session that will give you an insight into the issues many early stage entrepreneurs face in terms of scaling their businesses and achieving the results they want and need.

Should You Work Hard or Smart?

Which would you rather do? I know my answer!

Listen to this fascinating solo podcast episode where Jane discusses the challenges of being an early stage entrepreneur. She looks at how tempting it is to get trapped into executing the low value ‘$10hr’ tasks, which causes them to miss out on their highest value ‘$10,000hr’ tasks – that include finding clients, maintaining a strategic direction and ensuring their messaging cuts through the sea of noise. 

Jane says one standout difference between entrepreneurs who are successful and those who are unsuccessful is their resourcefulness and determination to prioritise ‘working smart’.

Have you been working smart lately? 


How To Sell Products Through Amazon Ecommerce With Stephen Somers


Would you like to reach excellence in your highest value area?

In this fascinating interview, Jane and Stephen Somers discuss how important it is to select the right product through product research for e-commerce selling on Amazon. As well as the need to sell quality, whatever you’re selling, because your reputation is the key to sustainability and longevity. 

Stephen Somers is the co-founder of Marketplace SuperHeroes, an online education and services company that helps people all over the world learn how to sell their own products globally on Amazon from complete scratch.

Together with his business partner, Robert, Stephen has won 5 two-comma club awards for Marketplace SuperHeroes, which is now a highly successful 8 figure business, which has also helped over 7,000 people to create multiple income streams online.

Are you attracted by Amazon e-commerce? What product would you be drawn to sell?

Reach Excellence In Your Highest Value Area With Akhtar Khan


Would you like to reach excellence in your highest value area?

Akhtar Khan is a peak performance, property, and business success coach.

For over 25-years he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs reach excellence through strategies that have also helped him excel in property management, acquisition and entrepreneurship. 

Akhtar helps his clients free themselves from the hidden blocks buried deep within their subconscious, that are stopping them gaining traction in their business and life, so they can finally achieve the results they desire.

How To Get Brand Clarity, And Stand Out For Your Difference with Sapna Pieroux


Sapna is the multi-award-winning founder of brand consultancy InnerVisions ID, which creates brands for ambitious, ethical and purpose-driven businesses so they can make a bigger impact in the world.

Sapna’s book Let’s Get Visible! was written to help business owners ‘Get brand clarity, stand out in your Industry and supercharge your business growth’. It hit #1 best-seller status in four categories on launch in January 2020 and was a winner at the Business Book Awards in March.

How a Culture of Generosity Accelerates Business Success with April Shprintz


April Shprintz, creator of the Generosity Culture – how giving and pouring value into your employees, clients and communities drives up revenues, brand loyalty and engagement.

April has spent over two decades driving growth for companies of every kind. Early in her career, she served as a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force where she was an executive producer and anchor of Air Force Television News, delivering information daily to a global audience of 75 million people.

From there, she entered the corporate world specialising in sales, operations, and marketing, supporting Fortune 500 clients while earning an MBA from the University of Texas.

Leading Psychiatrist Discusses High Achieving Entrepreneurs


Harley Street Healthcare clinical psychiatrist, Dr Balu Pitchiah, specialises in treating high achieving entrepreneurs for a range of mental disorders. In this interview, he discusses why addiction and traits such as narcissism are common in successful people. He looks at the emotions involved in business partnerships, and suggests some tips for entrepreneurs to maintain a flexible and agile mindset in these tough times. 

Dr Balu is the Executive Director of Harley Street Healthcare Clinic. He is a psychiatrist and offers a range of therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), rational emotive behavioural therapy (REBT), motivational interviewing, relaxation techniques, behaviour change model or an integrative approach. He qualified from the prestigious Stanley Medical College in Chennai, India before completing further UK training including an MBA from Oxford University. 

How To Stand Out Through Video Marketing with Simon Banks


In this fascinating interview, video marketer, Simon Banks and I, go into detail on how to master video marketing for all levels, including why you must be using video to create rapport, whether you should script your recording or not, and the equipment required to produce great video content! 

We all have hang ups about our appearance, our voice, our mannerisms. Most of us don’t like watching ourselves on video as it reminds us of our perceived ‘flaws’. The truth is we are our own worst critics. And while we’re cringing at our wrinkles/big nose/receding hairline/vocal stumbles etc most people are quietly approving of us for being brave enough to actually get out there and make the effort.

Simon has over 30 years of experience in the video industry, he made documentaries for many of the major broadcasters, such as BBC, ITV, CH4 and National Geographic. With his insights with working with 100’s of businesses and producing 1000’s of videos, Simon believes it is not all about the production. In this digital age, unless you have a robust strategy and distribution plan in place, your video will not be effective. So much so Simon has written a book ‘How to Get Video Right’, a video marketing guide for your business.

Why paid traffic is the only way to scale a 7 figure coaching business with Jason Nyback


Jane’s Canadian mentor, Jason Nyback, is a Paid Traffic Expert who works with coaches/consultants and shows them exactly how to attract high ticket “qualified” clients using Facebook ads – by implementing a system he has perfected himself over many years. 

In this insightful interview Jason and Jane discuss the market saturation issue many coaches and consultants are facing today. As well as the impact of lockdown – and the new digital platforms and technologies, that have reduced entry levels but elevated competition to the extent where organic social media is completely failing as a revenue source. 

Finally, they discuss Jason’s ‘snowball system’ which Jane is implementing into her Smart Connector business – to bring her clients that appreciate her worth and are willing to pay her what she deserves.

Jason has been running ads himself since 2005. He’s driven well over 1,000,000 visitors to his sites from Google Adwords, invested over $500,000 in Facebook ads for his own business, has a following on Facebook of over 107,000 people and over 22,000 coaches/consultants are on his email newsletter list. 

How To Survive and Thrive – Beyond Pain and Challenge with Taz Thornton


This fascinating interview between Jane Bayler and Taz Thornton dives into the physiological affects of abusive relationships – and how Taz used pain and challenge to turn her breakdown into a massive breakthrough!

Jane discusses the defining moment for Taz – and how her journey to the top faced many challenges along the way, from the loss of family members to losing all of her biggest clients at once.

Best-selling author, inspirational business and 3 x TEDx speaker, consultant on confidence, personal brand and visibility, and an award-winning coach Taz Thornton has been featured on BBC, ITV, in HuffPost, Diva, The Daily Mail and countless other newspapers, magazines and podcasts. In 2019, she was named as one of the most inspirational businesswomen in the UK and, in 2020, she was also named as one of the world’s top 50 women in marketing to follow.

How to Break Down Personal Identity Barriers That Stand In The Way Of Success


Do you find the success you dreamed of eludes you? This fascinating interview between Jane Bayler and Lindsey Sharratt dips into the personal and psychological difficulties that corporate high fliers and business owners face in their quest for success, as well as the 3 different aspects of identity and why is inextricably linked to business success.

Lindsey Sharratt is founder of The A Game, and a business psychologist who focuses on high performance and transformational results.

Her own career success, following a challenging start in life, has made her passionate about freeing others from being held back by negative past experiences and helping them to find their best selves.

Launch, Grow & Monetise Your Podcast with James Burtt


Podcast expert, James Burtt, is working with 100+ clients to plan, produce, launch, grow and monetise their podcasts, having personally created 3 x iTunes Top 50 Podcasts himself.

James helps business owners and experts who struggle to standout in a noisy market place to build an audience, raise their profile and attract new clients by harnessing the power of podcasting to scale their business.

In this interview with Jane, James gives a fantastic insight into how to have a successful podcast launch, as well as how to grow and monetise your podcast to maximise your success. 

James is an international speaker, brand marketing expert, NCFE certified radio production, IPQA accredited peak performance coach and IPQA accredited master NLP practitioner.

How To Achieve Wellbeing And Boost Productivity with Chiara Covone


International peak performance coach Chiara Covone worked for over 20 years for large multinational organisations in innovation and product development, before dedicating her professional life to coaching corporate high fliers and professionals from all over the world – helping them optimise their productivity and live a better life.

This fascinating interview goes deep into this topic, with Chiara sharing her top tips that enable her clients to optimise their business performance whilst living their best life.

Bouncing Back From Business Crisis With Brian Sands


Strategic advisor & business crisis troubleshooter, Brian Sands is author of Stop The Bleeding – A Mind Shift Through Business Crisis Management… Thinking and Doing Everything Differently.

He was the majority shareholder in an Australian construction company which he grew from $34M to more than $100M over 4 years without external capital or shareholder equity. 

At the height of the Global Financial Crisis and deep inside a multi-million dollar turnaround of that same business, he managed to create a $250M joint venture with a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest contractors at the time.

Across a 10 year period Brian’s business constructed more than $1B in projects, innovating and succeeding through growth, transformation, joint venture and turnaround strategies.

This fascinating interview looks at the ups, downs, highlights and rollercoaster ride that typifies many entrepreneurs journeys.

How a family business sold their wine brand for $100M with Michael Houlihan


Michael Houlihan achieved a legendary exit from his $20M California wine business Barefoot, when he and his wife Bonnie sold it to E&J Gallo for $100M in 2005. 

This interview tells the story of their phenomenal rise to fame and fortune. 

Today Michael is the New York Times Bestselling author of The Barefoot Spirit, How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand and The Entrepreneurial Culture, 23 Ways to Engage and Empower Your People. 

From humble beginnings in a laundry room of a rented farmhouse to the boardroom of the world’s largest wine company, E&J Gallo, Michael and Bonnie learned many valuable lessons about business growth and success, which they love to bring to startups and Fortune 500’s, helping them build their brands and develop great cultures. 

Michael and Bonnie are regular contributors to The Business Journals in 43 cities nationwide, Entrepreneur, and contribute articles & interviews to INC, CEO Forum, Forbes, and other major business publications. 

Their new audiobook is presented is a theatrical format with Hollywood actors playing the parts, original musical score, sound effects and more! They also host Business Audio Theatre where they tell the stories of other founders to boost turnover and increase engagement. Listen to the free chapter here: www.thebarefootspirit.com/freechapter

Michael and Bonnie are regular guests on radio, television, and podcasts. They present together with a fresh, authentic, and fun style that entertains, educates, & motivates. www.thebarefootspirit.com. www.consumerbrandbuilders.com.

The Connection Central Series: Daphne Diluce


Award-winning international designer, brand expert & successful business strategist. My passion & expertise is in all areas creative. I have worked internationally on some of the world’s most powerful brands, with super talented and world-renowned celebrities. I have loved every minute of each project journey taking the lead in – innovation, business growth, brand brilliance, colour language, all things graphic, PR, media & film.

The heart of the brilliant brands that I create has to have a value exchange and a powerful business & money model behind them. The reason being is that our best work comes from a clear & focused mind and we all need a great plan for our dreams. I convert peoples’ and business concepts & ideas into branded businesses that are fit to thrive in the national & global marketplace.

I say, bring the joy into your life and projects,


I welcome good conversations, wonderful walks, a slice of chocolate cake, and a cup of jasmine tea. All my projects start and finish in a beautiful place. Life is serious and always challenging, however, there is no time like now to start on your dreams…

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Andy Brown


After a torrid childhood and failed education, Andy left home at 16 with a vision to become a pilot. With nothing more than a surfboard under his arm, a rucksack on his back and £40 in his pocket, Andy boarded a bus at 2am and left to pursue his dream…

Lacking hugely academically and with very little money, he hustled and worked jobs until he could afford a Private Pilot’s Licence. Through the support and help of mentors and fellow pilots, he was awarded his wings 9 months later.

From there Andy applied the same mindset and clarity to building his side hustles and investments, before launching his first full time business, one which he still owns today, over 25 years later…

As co-founder of The Disruptors Club, Andy’s mission is to inspire, motivate and coach like minded action takers to build their online business and live their dream life – even if they’ve never started a business before.

Andy’s job now is to serve other Disruptors with his experience, trainings and coaching so that they can create the lives they want to lead as successful online business owners.

The Connection Central Series: Rob Moore


Rob Moore has held 3 world records for public speaking & has authored 9 books including global best-seller ‘Life Leverage’. Rob founded & co-owns the UK’s largest & most property education business: Progressive Property, & owns/manages over 750 properties with his partner Mark Homer.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Martin Stockman


Martin Stockman runs Stockman Ventures, a ventures boutique supporting early stage digital businesses. He been in this space for 25 years and gets to see exciting technology opportunities on a daily basis.He’s worked as an Investor, a Corporate Investor, an Entrepreneur and, more recently, as a fundraiser matching Angels with relevant, exciting and disruptive technologies . Martin has been been involved in over 100 transactions. 

The Connection Central Series: Tom Stanhope


This is a LIVE interview between Jane Bayler and Tom Stanhope. It is fair to say Tom knows video for business!

With almost 20 years of experience in the video industry and working with every level of organisation from nervous startups to global corporate behemoths there’s very little that phases him when it comes to getting visible with video.

Tom loves to work with coaches, speakers, trainers and entrepreneur experts as the results from his process make a huge difference to this group of people. Fears, doubts and anxieties about being in front of the camera get in the way of business owners’ true desire to spread their message and grow their business. Smashing these beliefs, alongside a tried and tested content strategy and creation process helps take entrepreneurs from nervous novices to confident creators.

The Connection Central Series: Karith Foster


Karith Foster is a Diversity Engagement Specialist whose signature programs are impacting lives at academic institutions, organisations and corporations across America in a time when humour, understanding, acceptance and respect are so desperately needed. For nearly two decades, Karith has taken her passion for entertaining and critical thinking nationwide – from the airwaves to organisations; from universities to corporations creating a seismic shift in mindsets and revolutionising the way we address issues of diversity and leadership.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Riaz Kanani


Riaz is founder and CEO of Radiate B2B, a pioneering sales and marketing platform that builds awareness directly within stakeholders at enterprise companies and identifies who is in market today. It is one of the primary building blocks for account based marketing strategies today. 

Riaz has been listed as one of the top thought leaders in Account Based Marketing globally, writing and speaking extensively on the topic and executing new approaches that have led to multiple award nominations and recognition.

Prior to building Radiate B2B, Riaz built one of the world’s largest video advertising networks and after exiting to Silverpop scaled their presence internationally, helping to define best practice for B2B marketing in marketing automation and content marketing before it exited to IBM to create its marketing cloud platform.

He has sat on the DMA email marketing council helping to set best practice for the email marketing industry, judge its awards and help shape data privacy and the use of data in the UK. He regularly speaks and writes on the intersection between marketing, business and technology, its best practice, and future trends. 

The Connection Central Series: Paul Newton


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Paul Newton of Mental Theft. Paul is a magician, a mind reader and a theif. He uses his mind reading skills to show people just how easily a scammer can steal their details and their money.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lakhi Singh


Lakhi Singh is a social media influencer, podcast host, and events host for the Mayfair Business & Property Members Club. He is also a director at Rescue My Properties and an expert on stopping repossession at Immediate Bank Claims.

Lakhi has come a long way, from sales & marketing to social media influencing and other areas of expertise. He likes to help local businesses to sustain and gain their share in the market. He is a skillful professional for property portfolios, negative equity, bridging, buy to let finance and tax.

The role he plays and the influence he exerts on online users cannot be overlooked. Whatever Lakhi endorses, automatically could become a trend, he leads, others simply follow!

Lakhi’s vision is to help individuals and investors to establish sustainable and aspiring businesses locally and internationally, in partnership with all stakeholders.

The Connection Central Series: Maria Ross


Leading US empathy and brand expert, and author of the best-selling book: The Empathy Edge, Maria Ross.

Furious customers? Missed deadlines? Failed products? The problems your business faces may stem from a single issue: lack of empathy.

Being empathetic in business means seeing the situation from another’s perspective, and using that to shape your leadership style, workplace culture and brand message.

Maria shows why your business needs to cultivate more empathy now, and shares the habits and traits of empathetic leaders who generate more productivity, loyalty and success.

She gives practical tips, big and small, for how to align your mission and values and hire the right people, cultivating a warmer and more innovative workplace culture. Finally, she gives you the goods on building your empathetic brand in an authentic and proactive way, and shows how doing so results in happier customers, innovative work cultures and increased profits.

In her practical playbook for businesses of all types, Maria Ross proves that empathy is not just good for society―it’s great for business, and may transform you at a personal level, too.

This powerful keynote for organisational leaders, marketers or entrepreneurs talk about how empathy is not just good for society, but it is actually a state of mind that’s great for you!

The Connection Central Series: Elliot Zissman


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and experienced sales leader, Elliot Zissman, who has an entrepreneurial flair, a passion for automation, sales processes and using data to measure and improve everything.

Elliot got a Masters in Economics from Cambridge University, then started a career as an Equity Analyst in the City of London for HSBC; he left in 2000 and has been involved in the Internet and IT ever since. He started by advising large corporations in the UK and US on how to make best use of e-commerce and the web, when it was relatively new; then ran a family business, driving sales from £250k to £5000k in 5 years.

Elliot went on to lead the sales effort for a fast-growing IT outsourcing business based in London and then helped South Africa’s largest ICT provider expand their presence in the UK. Most recently, he completed 5 fantastic years at Pythian, a Canadian-based specialist in data and cloud services, where he built the European presence from scratch to one of Google’s leading regional partners.

The Connection Central Series: Vince Patten


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Vince Patten, Founder and CEO for Tippzi, helping hundreds of SMEs with affordable digital ads and Augmented Reality for Smartphone ads, which is game-changing in his space. Vince is an advisor for a stream of technology companies via Shoreditch Partnership and other top accelerators, specialising in concepts and strategies. He is chief advisor for Save Our Planet Refillery, Winnipeg, Canada and recently the first company to address all 17 UN sustainable development goals.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Harry Sardinas


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and international speaker, entrepreneur and leadership and speaker presentation coach, Harry Sardinas. Harry is the founder of Entrepreneurs Are Leaders, Speakers Are Leaders, Millionaire Speakers Network and TopCoach.

Harry has trained thousands of Property Investors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, High Net Worth Business Owners, Gold Medallists, Authors, Coaches, Students, Teachers, young people and people from all walks of life in United Kingdom, Singapore, Mexico and Peru to overcome their fear of public speaking and become more confident when speaking from the stage, so they can share their message with the world, contribute to society and create the wealth they deserve. 

He aims to empower you to do the same, so you can achieve your full potential, get great results in your business, attract more clients and create a movement of inspired raving fans.

Harry is an author of multiple books including ‘Speakers Are Leaders: Your Voice Can Transform The World’ and ‘Climbing Big Ben. How To Survive, Thrive and Succeed in London’. 

He was invited to speak about his book on stage at National Achievers Congress, in front of more than 2000 people. Prominent global influencers such Tony Robbins, Eddy the Eagle, JT Foxx, Kevin Green also spoke at that event.

The Connection Central Series: Sam Rathling


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Social Selling Strategist & LinkedIn Expert, Sam Rathling.

Sam is the most sought after consultant in Europe on lead generation tactics and social selling through LinkedIn. As CVO of Linked Inbound, she lead the fastest-growing LinkedIn Agency in the UK.

She’s on a mission to generate £1 billion in sales for my clients by 2025 (currently tracking at £93.7m). Sam has worked with multinational clients across Europe, delivering virtual, online or In-house consultancy, training, and strategic direction to Leadership Teams, HR and Sales & Marketing teams.

Sam has spoken in 24 countries, educating thousands of business owners and sales professionals on the power of LinkedIn.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Debbie Gilbert


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and multi-award-winning Entrepreneur, Debbie Gilbert. Over the past 20 years, Debbie has built a reputation for being a powerful champion of small businesses and startups, and she has built a large network of contacts in this sector. Her portfolio of businesses range from marketing support, social media training, event management, large scale networking events. She is owner of Viva Business Networking and Mums UnLtd, both networking companies for small business owners. Debbie is also organiser of The 3 Counties Expo and The Best Business Women Awards. Business networking skills training is something she is very passionate about and she loves sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Her book: The Successful Mumpreneur, How to work flexibly around your family doing what you love is an Amazon bestseller and has inspired women across the globe.

The Connection Central Series: Jessica Whitcutt Fagan


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and founder of Its A Shovel, Jessica Whitcutt Fagan.

With 20 years’ experience in both agencies and multinational organisations, Jessica has developed and run a number of highly successful and award winning, behaviour change campaigns.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, holds a BA Law and completed numerous executive development programmes both in South Africa and in the UK. She has a thorough understanding of both the commercial and reputational imperatives driving business performance and is dedicated to helping companies create value for all stakeholders.

Jessica heads up It’s a Shovel and works with the team to bring the latest purpose, sustainability and reputation thinking to the table.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ariya Chittasy


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and award-winning entrepreneur and scaleup business advisor and coach, Ariya Chittasy. 

With 4 startups in the last 8 years, including one awarded Fastest Growing Company Asia-Pacific (Business Excellence Awards 2014) and another growing into a 55+ person company in under 2 years, Ariya thrives on materialising ideas into real businesses.

He works with visionaries and innovators to create tech-based companies that serve the world through his role as director at Engenesis Ventures. Through state-of-the-art technology builds, access to investor networks and a unique startup to enterprise planning process, Engenesis is able to bring new technology ventures to the market faster, leaner and with less risk.

The Connection Central Series: Jack Lamacraft


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Co-Founder & Managing Director of The Park, Jack Lamacraft. Jack has a diverse background working across numerous disciplines but with the common thread of harnessing people’s passion. He wholeheartedly believes that if you can align a brand with something people truly care about and provide them with a positive, unforgettable experience you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Rachel Hayward


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and award-winning consultant, Rachel Hayward. Rachel is the leading consultant for Ask the Chameleon, a company that helps other businesses, of all sizes and sectors, develop and grow by writing your funding bids, tenders and business award applications. Following an exceptional career in HR, organisational development, new service development, bid writing and delivery, in the private, voluntary and public sectors, Rachel has gone on to secure £12m in funding for Ask the Chameleon clients since 2015. Rachel particularly believes in the power of networking and connections, which has seen her nominated for Female Entrepreneur of the Year – East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Enterprising Women 2020 and Ask the Chameleon itself win Small Business 100 award for 2018 and Federation of Small Business East Midlands Micro Business of the Year 2019. In 2020 Ask the Chameleon became the FSB Micro Business of the Year for the West Midlands region.

The Connection Central Series: Kate Strong


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Kate Strong, a Leadership Coach, World Champion triathlete, TEDx speaker, and author, who is currently training for 2 x World Records and world firsts in cycling and adventuring. One day, Kate decided to remove the glass ceiling on her potential and discover what was truly possible for her. The interview explores the defining moment that led to this decision. Today, amongst multiple and diverse interests in philanthropy, sport and world travel, Kate helps entrepreneurs escape their comfort zone and create inspiring and extraordinary results.

The Connection Central Series: Max Branstetter


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and NY podcast producer and host, Max Branstetter.

Max produces podcasts for small business owners and marketers. Think of him like an InstaPot for podcasting. He’s the Host of the Wild Business Growth Podcast, where he interviews a new entrepreneur or innovator every Wednesday morning who’s turning Wild ideas into Wild growth. He produces these for his 2nd-generation family marketing business, Hippo Direct. Connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn at @MaxBranstetter.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Donna Hart


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Donna Hart, a Family Lawyer & Director/Shareholder at The Family Law Co. Donna specialises in divorce and the financial matters resulting from marriage and civil partnership breakdowns, often where there are significant assets, pensions and other complex matters such as businesses or Trusts. Donna also prepares pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements, along with separation agreements. 

The Connection Central Series: Amy Rowlinson


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Amy Rowlinson, who is an iTunes #1 Podcast Host of ‘Focus on Why’, Mastermind Host, Speaker and Property Investor. She likes to inspire and empower people to discover the life they dream of by assisting them to make it their reality through their own action-taking.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nick Coleman


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Nick Coleman, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Snaffling Pig, a Buckinghamshire (UK) premium food and drink brand, and the most popular food brand to have ever been crowdfunded – with £1.3m raised from over 1,940 investors. Nick founded Snaffling Pig, which is a savoury snack based on pork crackling, in 2014 with just £500.  In 2016 he took part in the 14th Season of BBC2 Dragons Den, winning funds from angel investor, Nick Jenkins. In 2017 he won The Virgin Foodpreneur Award. By September 2017, the business had grown to £1m a year. 18 months after that revenues exceeded £3m. Snaffling Pig subsequently won a host of other awards including: Winner Natwest GBEA National UK & Northern Ireland Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, Winner GBEA Entrepreneur of the Year London & South East 2019, Winner GBEA Food & Drink Brand of the Year 2019 London & South East 2019, and Winner of Buckinghamshire’s Best New Business 2016.

As a serial entrepreneur, Nick also co-founded Medical Supermarket, an industry-leading healthcare supplier to the primary care and care sectors, which runs a large scale medical and cleaning supplies distribution business, delivering to over 3,500 locations each month from a warehouse facility in Aylesbury. His most recent venture, with his business partner Udhi Silva, is Startup Logistics, which helps grow food startups, by providing slick, profitable and easy direct-to -consumer sales channels, which include inventory management, picking, packing, despatching orders, building gift packs, writing personalised messages and texting customers when their orders are on the way.

The Connection Central Series: Ryan Foland


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Ryan Foland, a US high energy speaker, consultant, podcast host, and author of an award winning book: ‘Ditch the Act’- about how you can get ahead in business simply by being human. Ryan helps people build intentional personal brands that are relatable, authentic, and influential. His process and methods have been developed from his own experiences, research, and building his own brand from scratch. He has given 4 TEDx talks and has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, and many more high profile publications. His clients include New York Times bestselling authors, venture capitalists, and Fortune 500 executives. Ryan challenges his clients to keep things simple and make them powerful. He has inspired thousands to obliterate and revitalise their brands with his infamous 3-1-3 Challenge. Can you boil down your messaging into 3 sentences, down to 1 sentence, and ultimately to 3 words?

Entrepreneur Spotlight: An Coppens


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and An Coppens, founder and chief game changer (aka CEO) at Gamification Nation, and an award-winning speaker, learning and development professional, business and executive coach and author, with over 15 years experience in creating behaviour change through creative and innovative solutions. An is a leading expert in gamification for learner and employee engagement. Her company Gamification Nation, won the Outstanding Gamification Agency Award in 2017 at Gamification Europe and the Excellence in No-Tech Gamification Design in 2018 at GamiCon 18. In 2018 she was listed in the elite of e-learning professionals.

An has worked with global brands in media, leisure, health and finance markets, plus hundreds of business owners and managers in a range of industries, in the context of a start-up, a global matrix organisation or at national or European level. Big picture focus and able to link strategy to operations and vice-versa. She is a specialist in leadership development, executive coaching and the full cycle of learning and development from training needs analysis to instructional design, interactive facilitation & training.

An is also an avid blogger on the topic of gamification, and has been listed as the top gamification blog in 2017 by Feedspot and listed in the top 10 UK digital and technology bloggers in the UK Blog Awards of 2016 and 2015.

With Gamification Nation, An offers bespoke gamification design services and a mastermind community for learning and employee engagement, all of which are aimed at producing business results for clients in areas such as employee engagement, learner engagement and customer engagement. She was ranked in the top 100 Innovation and gamification experts in 2012 and since 2015 stayed in the top 10 of gamification gurus worldwide. In February 2016, she was given the HR visionary award at the WHRD congress in Mumbai and in 2018 she reached elite standard in the global e-learning community. She has been a speaker at many global conferences and was commissioned to write about “Gamification in business” for Bookboon.com and previously “How to attract IT talent” for Packt Publishing. Her most recent book “Tapping into the crowd – building competitive advantage from the inside out” is now available from Amazon

The Connection Central Series: Patrick Powers


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and author, speaker and entrepreneur, Patrick Powers. Patrick is Founder of one of the world’s most successful business meetups: Entrepreneurs In London, with 27,500+ members http://www.meetup.com/Entrepreneursinlondon. He is also an expert in pitching, presentation, sales copy and funnel conversion… how to influence and persuade with words.1:1 and 1: Many.

After going bankrupt at 21 followed by at least 15 failed business attempts Patrick made a decisive commitment to succeed. Within a year he built a direct sales organisation of 4,500 associates and customers that grew to 10,000 the second year, and gave him the opportunity to semi-retire to the Caribbean.

Patrick has also overcome great personal challenges, having lost 150 pounds, overcome shyness, low self-esteem, depression and fear of public speaking.

He is now driven to help business owners and leaders avoid the same mistakes he did and grow faster with less effort.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Pix Jonasson


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and International Best Selling Author, Dynamic Speaker, Mindset & Resilience Coach and Healthy Living Mentor, Pix Jonasson. Pix, affectionately known as The Couragepreneur, has overcome significant life-threatening and life-altering challenges, and is still an ever positive, disciplined, focused, fun-loving, community-minded leader and entrepreneur.

Pix consistently works on herself to be her best self so that she can help and improve the personal and professional lives of others. Alongside her speaking and coaching career, she is an international best selling author of the book, Think and Get Rich After Hours, and has built a successful global health and wellness business.

The Connection Central Series: Graham Shaw


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Graham Shaw. Graham specialises in advanced communications and presentation skills. He’s trained thousands of people to transform their public speaking from good to absolutely great. He’s best-known for his ability to convey business ideas with a quick sketch. His numerous conference audiences have been amazed to discover that they too can draw their ideas – a talent they never knew they had.

Graham is also the author of two best selling books: ‘The Art of Business Communication’ and ‘The Speaker’s Coach: 60 secrets to make your talk, speech or presentation amazing.’

He spoke at TEDx Hull in 2015 and his talk; ‘Why people believe they can’t draw –and how to prove they can,’ has been viewed by over 23 million people. More recently he spoke at TEDX Vienna on the topic; ‘How to draw to remember more’.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Neville Wright


This is an interview between Jane Bayler, and highly successful serial entrepreneur Neville Wright, who sold his KiddieCare business to Morrisons for the massively life changing sum of £70M.

In addition to his success with Kiddiecare, Neville is also a no.1 best selling author, mentor, investor and property developer. Throughout his 45-year career in business, property investment, retail and building have been at the core of his success, but most people recognise him for the sale of Kiddicare, a baby nursery retailer which he started in 1977 and sold for £70 million cash to Morrisons supermarket in 2011 – which was a record price for an independent shop in the depths of a recession.

Neville developed a property maintenance business, expanding into retail, alongside incorporating buying and selling businesses. Spinning plates in each of the businesses to keep them going was very intense and educational. Juggling spinning plates became an art which he thrived on.

In this fascinating interview, Neville especially talks about the challenges and rewards of being in business with his long term partner and wife, Marilyn. And what it really means to run a family business.

How can anyone in our society retire at the age of 24 having no money and no education? Neville says, ‘it’s easy for some, all you need is to be in your element – so when you find that you are in your element you will never have to work another day in your life.’

The Connection Central Series: Matt Siddell


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Matt Siddell, a full-time MD of Tropolis – a revolutionary property training business which he created in 2019 and launched Q1/2020.

An entrepreneur at heart with an economics degree from the University of Manchester, Matt established Kin in 2001 after spending three years in financial services. Matching heirs to unclaimed inheritances, Matt grew his first business to a team of 45 and traced heirs to estates exceeding £100 million in value.

Seven years later, and with the world of property beckoning, Matt established Opulen in 2011. While building a portfolio in Reading, he also broke ground on the London market, managing projects for clients and himself with works that included refurbishment, basements, extensions, loft conversions and cinemas in a mix of Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Grade II listed properties.

In 2015, Matt started PPN Knightsbridge at the Royal Thames Yacht Club. This became the flagship event of the franchise within which it operated and inspired others to follow suit, essentially because he was the first to ban people from selling courses from the front of the room.

With a wave of momentum behind him, Matt established Qandor, where his ambition was clear: to create an environment where developers, investors and business owners regularly and exclusively interact with the aim of collaborating on existing and new projects upwards of £1m in value.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Michael Garvey


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Michael Garvey, a highly experienced Chartered Surveyor and Property Consultant, being joint owner and Managing Director of Chandler Garvey a well-known and respected regional commercial property consultancy.

He is also a philanthropic and high profile businessman who has invested significant time and effort into the Buckinghamshire business community over the past 10 years. He is a founder and Chairman of Buckinghamshire Business First, an organisation that supports 12,000 business members in Buckinghamshire and is the Growth Hub for the county. He is also a board member and Vice Chair of the Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership. He plays a significant and active role chairing many groups focused on infrastructure, transport and have also been heavily involved with governance.

Michael’s passion is to see other businesses succeed and to support the Buckinghamshire economy and in turn the national economy.

The Connection Central Series: Nick Bradley


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and entrepreneur, author, speaker and investor, Nick Bradley. Nick’s background is in growing and scaling VC and Private Equity backed businesses. Having successfully built, bought and sold a number of companies, and removed himself from day-to-day operations, his focus now is on helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be, in business and in life; as well as investing in growth businesses and backing turnarounds – with the ultimate aim of creating value from significant capital events.

Nick is passionate about personal and professional development – showing up and being the best version of himself every day. His bigger vision is to help bring entrepreneurial skills, experience and mindset to people in developing nations – so they can follow their dreams, live life more on their terms – utilising entrepreneurship as a global force for good.

Nick is also host of the popular and inspiring Scale up Your Business podcast – one of Jane’s all time favourites.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Aarti Raicha


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and business reputation expert, Aarti Raicha. Aarti’s marketing agency SWS (Strategic Web Success) helps businesses succeed, through her powerful niche service – building social proof, and managing reputation, through the power of positive online reviews.

Having served over 1,000 businesses globally since 2012, SWS works across a range of disciplines to achieve results for their clients, using tools such as retargeting/display ads, social media, reputation enhancing videos, ad banners and funnel creation.

Warren Buffet once said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” This is why reputation management is such a critical aspect of business and brand success. Companies are often judged, and purchases made, because of end user reviews. Therefore reputation management is a strategic tool that helps business owners understand what they’re doing right in their business, as well as finding out what’s not working. The discussion around change and its implementation based on end-user feedback creates a powerful connection with customers, making them understand they are engaged with a company that not only acknowledges feedback, but also makes changes based on it.

In this interview Aarti relates how she acquired her first handful of clients through offering a bespoke personal service, before growing her team to 40+. She also discusses the power of reputation management, why business today is more transparent than ever, and why social proof is so closely linked to sales success.

The Connection Central Series: David Hunt


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and David Hunt, a prominent figure and thought leader in the clean technology sector. Hailed as a leading green entrepreneur by the Financial Times, David also presents at industry events such as EcoSummit, Energy Storage Europe, Solar & Storage Live and Fully Charged Live. He also hosts the ‘Leaders in Cleantech’ Podcast. He was also chosen as one of 25 LinkedIn Top Voices 2018, where he has over 150,000 followers.

David is a frequent contributor to trade publications such as Energy Storage News, Solar Power Portal, PV Tech, Clean Energy News and Smart Cities World. His industry insights have been quoted in UK broadsheet newspapers such as The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and the Sunday Times. Being well versed in business and economics, he has also lent his voice to the likes of BBC Radio Four and ITV’s 6 o’clock news.

A cleantech expert and industry insider, David specialises in the clean energy and eMobility sectors. His drive to accelerate these growing markets led him to set up Hyperion Executive Search Ltd, a talent acquisition company specialising in the cleantech space that incisively places talent where it’s needed. Hyperion has been helping businesses grow and succeed since 2014, with offices in Liverpool, Munich and Austin, TX. David’s headhunting team now operates across EMEA and the US.

Before this, David co-founded an award-winning multi-technology renewable energy installation business, sat as a policy board member with the UK Renewable Energy Association, and was a member of PRASEG (Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group).

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mark Shraga


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Mark Shraga, a sales professional and entrepreneur with a proven track record for creating high performance and value rich business propositions and launching them successfully to the market.

Mark is the brand creator and founder of New Star Networks (NSN) Ltd, Cloud 100 Ltd and NSNrg Ltd. As well as the owner of executive coaching company Brighter Lives Ltd and Martial Arts Club owner at Shodokan Aikido West London.

The Connection Central Series: Cecilia Harvey​


This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Cecilia Harvey, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Hyve Dynamics. With over 20 years experience in finance and technology. Cecilia is an advocate for responsible technology leadership that seeks to inspire, elevate and disrupt global businesses and communities.

Graduating from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Cecilia was soon captivated by the energy of Wall Street and the lure of a career in banking. After working her way up in the banking industry, her roles have since included being the COO of Citigroup Markets and Securities Services Technology, and positions with Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital and IBM.

Cecilia’s recent achievements include being featured in Forbes Magazine in 2019 as a leading lady in technology, a 2018 We Are The City TechWomen 100 winner. Cecilia is also the founder and chair of Tech Women Today, a professional organisation focused on connecting and advancing women across various areas of technology.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Maria Borelius


Maria Borelius is an award-winning Swedish science journalist and author of several popular science books on medicine and health, including the best selling Health Revolution – which extolls the benefits of an anti inflammatory lifestyle. . She is a columnist and founder of the Ester Foundation, which supports marginalised immigrant women to start businesses. She also works as a communications advisor to scientific institutions, pharmaceutical and tech companies globally. Maria has previously held the post of Minister of Commerce in Sweden and CEO of the Global Microfinance Organization Hand in Hand International. She has a degree in biology, physics and mathematics and a master’s degree in science journalism, and has lived in the UK for the past seventeen years.

The Connection Central Series: Andy Phillips


Andy Phillips is a marketing automation and digital marketing specialist with over 30 years of marketing experience and over 16 in digital marketing. He helps business owners understand marketing automation, how they can use it within their business and how it works with the internet and social media to gain them a competitive advantage. This interview focusses on his process and methodologies, and also announces an exciting new initiative – working with Jane to help solopreneurs, start ups and established businesses who want to develop a new product or service, to conceive, create and market something that sells fast.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Thorsten Heller


Thorsten Heller is the CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Innovator / Chief Disruptor at Greenbird Technology, a global business with headquarters in Norway. Greenbird has a special interest and focus on Digital Transformation, Innovative Business Models for the Energy Revolution and Disruptive Technologies driving the Digital Utility. I met Thorsten through his Marketing Director Frederik ten Sythoff at the Hypergrowth Marketing Conference in London, and was so impressed by his authenticity, character and commitment to serve all his stakeholders to the utmost, I couldn’t wait to interview him.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Gillie Barlow


Gillie Barlow is a property entrepreneur and philanthropist, with a passion for building people up, seeing them flourish and to helping them understand what ‘happy’ and ’success’ mean. When she was 20 she flew out to the Kalahari desert which was formative in taking her out of her comfort zone and becoming the visionary person she is today. This is where she discovered her vision, which lead her to purchasing her first property 2 years later.  Her first ski chalet in France is now where many disabled children stay through her charity Sophia’s Alpine Disabled Adventures. In 2011 Gillie because part of pin (Property Investors Network) where she won the 2011 Mastermind Course.  She now coaches and travels the country inspiring people with her journey and teaching various property investment strategies. Her vision is to help people live from the inside out, rather than the outside in and this philosophy shines through in her coaching, mentoring and training.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: John Howard


John Howard is a published author, and one of the most accomplished property developers, traders and investors in the UK today. With four decades of experience, and having worked in residential and commercial, as well as owning estate agency and auction houses, there are very few people more knowledgeable and well connected in property circles. John’s most recent property development project was the Winerack, a stunning luxury apartment block overlooking Ipswich Marina. He also trades land and properties prolifically. On his first exposure to the property training sector, John noted a lot of misinformation was being handed out, so he decided to raise his own profile and provide some some expert education at an affordable price point to genuinely support others. As well as his ventures in property, John is active in politics as the Chairman of Ipswich Conservative Association. You will love this fast paced interview between us.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kelly Forrester


Kelly and her partner Martin are the two partners of Over The Edge – an online community and global podcast show which delivers and shares entrepreneurial truths.

Kelly’s passionate about not allowing anything or anyone to hold you back, least of all yourself, an attitude and philosophy that comes from her own experience as the owner of a thriving and successful Exeter estate agency that failed due to circumstances beyond her control. Older and wiser, Kelly emerged like the warrior she is, and this podcast interview dives deep into that experience as well as her earlier life and challenges. Kelly’s an absolute sweetheart and I know you’ll love this interview between us.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Zameer Nazarali


I really enjoyed this interview with the passionately entrepreneurial London based employment lawyer, Zameer Nazarali of Simplify ER. Zameer attracted my attention because of his relentless dedication to the concept of a truly engaged workforce. With a proactive and engaged approach, he believes organisations can transform their ‘work force’ into a ‘force at work’. He helps clients achieve greater results and efficiency, whilst creating an environment of innovation, establishing a “care for the business” attitude, promoting motivation and the will to win, and making the organisation stand out as a great place to work. Whether applying these principles in his own business or those of his clients, you’ll find it refreshing to hear his ‘take’ on the sometimes tricky issues of employee motivation and retention.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brad Burton


Brad Burton is the UK’s no.1 motivational speaker, Founder of 4Networking, the UK’s largest joined-up national business network, and author of four of the highest-rated and 5* reviewed business books on Amazon. He’s also a mentor to sole-traders, small businesses, and large corporates; delivering sessions around public speaking and book writing. It could have turned out very differently for him. Born and bred on the mean streets of Manchester, his life spiralled rapidly downhill, before he came to a powerful realisation that his life had to change in a big way. This led to the success he now enjoys, and a great life living his ultimate purpose.

Stop being annoying to, or annoyed by others


We all annoy other people at times, and we get annoyed by them too. To achieve our best lives, we need to pro-actively prevent the unexpected or unwanted consequences of annoying others. Our own and other’s unconscious habits can truly hijack our efforts and wellbeing. We therefore need to be aware of common things that annoy others as well as us, and the choice we and they always have to react to things differently. This podcast episode examines this topic, looking at how to keep annoying behaviour and its consequences out of our lives, maxing out on inner peace and enjoyment instead.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Stephen Gillen


I interviewed Stephen Gillen, entrepreneur, mentor, international peace prize nominee, and media personality, after hearing his fascinating story. From a troubled childhood to a career in organised crime, he emerged from prison armed this time with a relentless determination to turn his life around. Apart from his multiple business ventures, and his charitable and philanthropy work, his story is also being told through a new feature film: Two Extremes, about the parallel trajectory of himself and ex policeman Kul Muhay. Enjoy this interview between us!

Generate Rapport With Others


Knowing how to generate rapport with others is one of the most essential skills we can have in business and life. It’s what makes others interested in the messages we communicate, and the product or service we provide. If we want to influence others, we need also to be willing to be influenced. Which means taking on someone else’s perspective and wishes. And that’s where rapport starts. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketeer, salesperson, professional or parent, this podcast on how to develop rapport will improve your success with others, and give you a sense of personal accomplishment.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lucinda Carney


Lucinda Carney is an organisational change consultant, CEO of HR software business, and the host of the acclaimed #HRUprising podcast. I loved this interview which focussed on her work at the forefront of organisational change.

How Vulnerability Builds Rapport


In this solo episode, Jane looks at the topic of vulnerability. How it is a key building block of rapport and how it helps you cut through the noise to be the most powerful version of yourself. Most of us were brought up to associate vulnerability with risky exposure, and we learned to keep our innermost feelings to ourselves. Left unchecked, the impact of this decision is that we will struggle to resonate at a deep level with others, meaning they will pass us by and choose others first. So practising vulnerability assists our entrepreneurial as well as personal success.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Leo Suarez


This is an interview with Leo Suarez, Jane’s business partner in property. Leo has been a UK citizen since 2012 but was originally from Colombia. He is a Property Investor and Developer, Civil Engineer, MBA graduate, and founder of various companies in his native South America, including a steel trading company, and Colombia’s only freight railway train company. Leo has managed the development of several listed buildings and residential properties in Columbia, and is also the host of the podcast Bienes Raíces UK, which is recorded in Spanish about UK property opportunities. He’s a true Smart Connector – with huge integrity and emotional intelligence – who Jane absolutely loves working with.

Connection with Self: Put Down Worry and Pick Up Peace


In this episode, Jane shares vulnerably about the many challenges she’s encountered, from her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, to her relationship and business ups and downs. How, during her cancer treatment, she made the decision to find a different way to deal with life, and how that freshly empowered perspective resulted in unexpected and dramatic improvements to her happiness. Looking and feeling better through maintaining daily habits can make a difference to us all.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Catherine Turner


I interviewed Catherine Turner, host of the acclaimed ‘Leveraged Lifestyle’ podcast, and was so impressed at how her and her husband had grown their business through tech and systems, enabling them to live a life of freedom and choice. Since this is something many entrepreneurs dream of, I know you’ll love this interview between us.

Explaining Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Abraham Maslow’s famous ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ is a set of theories referenced by marketers and their agencies worldwide – helping them understand who to sell their products to, and how to create a message that resonates powerfully. This episode looks at the timeless psychological principles underpinning these theories, and the value they create for entrepreneurs today.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Rob Stewart

Entrepreneur Rob Stewart is a former RAF Fighter Pilot, property investor and expert trainer who has built an incredible lifestyle business founded on his passions for both training and family life. Today his ambition is to help 10,000 expert entrepreneurs change 100million lives whilst working anywhere in the world. I know you’ll love this interview between us.

Smart Connection and why it matters

In this episode I talk about Smart Connection – what it is, why it matters, and how you can become a Smart Connector too. Upgrading your connection skills allows you to attract the high value people who can transform your business, and get them to say YES to you. It also helps you enjoy and powerfully engage with every relationship, and live your very best life.

Scarcity – Influence and Persuasion

This is the sixth and final podcast in my series about the work of Robert Cialdini, who wrote the pioneering book: Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion. In this episode I look at the principle of Scarcity, which dictates that we are more likely to want the things we are being offered if we feel they’re running out or are in short supply. This goes for people as well as products, so if you want someone to value you, make them work for your time and attention!

Authority – Influence and Persuasion

The fifth podcast in my series about the pioneering work of Robert Cialdini looks at the principle of Authority, which is why we tend to follow people who we believe are experts in an area or subject we’re not. This is why it is important to demonstrate credentials, experience or certificates and to back this up with visual cues that suggest these are true.

Liking – Influence and Persuasion

This is the fourth podcast in my series about the pioneering work of Robert Cialdini, who wrote Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion, in 1984. In this episode I look at the principle of Liking, which dictates that we are more likely to do the things others want us to do for them if we like them. This also looks at how to get people to like you or what you represent, so they say yes to what you’re offering them.

Social Proof – Influence and Persuasion

The third podcast in my series of Influence and Persuasion was inspired by the timeless classic: Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion, written in 1984 by Robert Cialdini. In this episode we look at the principle of Social Proof, which dictates that we accept advice and buy from people if they have been recommended or endorsed by others we trust.

Commitment and Consistency – Influence and Persuasion

Welcome to the second podcast in my series about the pioneering work of Robert Cialdini. In this episode, I look at the principle of Influence and Persuasion, which is actually two, Commitment and Consistency. These principles are why we tend to stick to our choices, even when we have evidence that better ones are available to us.

Reciprocity – Influence and Persuasion

In this series, I look at the pioneering work of psychologist and marketing professor Robert Cialdini who wrote the book: Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion in 1984. His timeless theories are still as relevant today as are based on our fundamental human nature. This episode examines the first principle: Reciprocity, which states that we tend to return the favours people give us.

The Smart Connector book

Jane's book, 'The Smart Connector' - about entrepreneurial connection success - is an Amazon best seller both here in the UK and in the US, in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Category.


Tapping Into The Gold Standard For Connecting To Smart Way

"Want to learn how connecting smartly builds your influence, wealth and success? Wish you understood better how the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life? Then this is a book for you. Jane is a smart businesswomen with years of experience and wisdom and tips to help you perform at the top of your game." - Karen Stanbridge


A Great Business Reference Manual

"This 'manual' has it all in one place and that the order in which it is presented has been carefully considered. Each chapter is a module in itself and although interconnected can be read in isolation to appreciate it's unique meaning. The chapters resonate with my own experiences, and I shall be re-reading this book. A delight to read, and a reminder that we are primarily a social species." - Andy Phillips


An Excellent Book

"The style of writing is honest, open and clear and it's a great read. The content is really informative and draws on the author's years of experience in business. I felt so inspired reading it, with a renewed awareness of just how important connecting in the right way with the right people really is. You'll definitely find something in here that will make you so pleased you purchased it. Highly recommended!" - Tim Payne


Loved this book, great insights around becoming a Smart Connector!

"Loved this book! Jane Bayler is an incredible writer offering simple, straight forward advice for connecting more powerfully with others. As Bayler describes, the quality our connections determines the quality of our lives. I couldn't agree more and highly recommend this book if you are looking to grow yourself, your influence and your life." - Travis Greenlee


Calling all entrepreneurs, this book is for you!

"I really enjoyed this book as it was easy to digest and had a great flow. This is the go to book for entrepreneurs who wish to progress their business and enrich their personal lives. Jane focuses on the importance of growth, adapting to an ever changing world and understanding the core values of business. Grab yourself a copy today! - Amy Rowlinson


The Smart Connector Will Improve Your Business!

"I loved this book. Jane's insight into the power of relationships will improve your business and your life. The section on developing win-win partnerships was particularly useful and I've already begun implementing some of the strategies suggested with great results." - Stephanie Taylor

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