EP33 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Neville Wright

This is an interview between Jane Bayler, and highly successful serial entrepreneur Neville Wright, who sold his KiddieCare business to Morrisons for the massively life changing sum of £70M.

In addition to his success with Kiddiecare, Neville is also a no.1 best selling author, mentor, investor and property developer. Throughout his 45-year career in business, property investment, retail and building have been at the core of his success, but most people recognise him for the sale of Kiddicare, a baby nursery retailer which he started in 1977 and sold for £70 million cash to Morrisons supermarket in 2011 – which was a record price for an independent shop in the depths of a recession. 

Neville developed a property maintenance business, expanding into retail, alongside incorporating buying and selling businesses. Spinning plates in each of the businesses to keep them going was very intense and educational. Juggling spinning plates became an art which he thrived on.

In this fascinating interview, Neville especially talks about the challenges and rewards of being in business with his long term partner and wife, Marilyn. And what it really means to run a family business.

How can anyone in our society retire at the age of 24 having no money and no education? Neville says, ‘it’s easy for some, all you need is to be in your element – so when you find that you are in your element you will never have to work another day in your life.’