EP29 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Aarti Raicha

This is an interview between Jane Bayler and business reputation expert, Aarti Raicha. Aarti’s marketing agency SWS (Strategic Web Success) helps businesses succeed, through her powerful niche service – building social proof, and managing reputation, through the power of positive online reviews. 

Having served over 1,000 businesses globally since 2012, SWS works across a range of disciplines to achieve results for their clients, using tools such as retargeting/display ads, social media, reputation enhancing videos, ad banners and funnel creation.

Warren Buffet once said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” This is why reputation management is such a critical aspect of business and brand success. Companies are often judged, and purchases made, because of end user reviews. Therefore reputation management is a strategic tool that helps business owners understand what they’re doing right in their business, as well as finding out what’s not working. The discussion around change and its implementation based on end-user feedback creates a powerful connection with customers, making them understand they are engaged with a company that not only acknowledges feedback, but also makes changes based on it. 

In this interview Aarti relates how she acquired her first handful of clients through offering a bespoke personal service, before growing her team to 40+. She also discusses the power of reputation management, why business today is more transparent than ever, and why social proof is so closely linked to sales success.