EP22 – Entrepreneur Spotlight: Gillie Barlow

Gillie Barlow is a property entrepreneur and philanthropist, with a passion for building people up, seeing them flourish and to helping them understand what ‘happy’ and ’success’ mean. When she was 20 she flew out to the Kalahari desert which was formative in taking her out of her comfort zone and becoming the visionary person she is today. This is where she discovered her vision, which lead her to purchasing her first property 2 years later.  Her first ski chalet in France is now where many disabled children stay through her charity Sophia’s Alpine Disabled Adventures. In 2011 Gillie because part of pin (Property Investors Network) where she won the 2011 Mastermind Course.  She now coaches and travels the country inspiring people with her journey and teaching various property investment strategies. Her vision is to help people live from the inside out, rather than the outside in and this philosophy shines through in her coaching, mentoring and training.